Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The 1st Recipe

1 can of tuna
soy sauce
chilly sauce
2 eggs

Just mix them all together until fully cook
Eat with bread

Comments by the judges (Faiz and myself):
Delicious but something is wrong somewhere because both of us had stomached and had to rush to the nearest toilet.
Need to improve.

To readers, please post any suggestions. Thx

A New Beginning

1st I would like to say sorry for not updating my blog for so long
Maybe it was because I couldn't find the time to write anything or maybe I was just lazy to write.

Yesterday I arrived at the University of Southampton, a new place which will be my place of study for the next 4 years..
This place will be challenging battle and a test of my emotions, spiritual, and physical attributtes.
This will be the place that will develop me into who I will become in the future.

Today I just checked into my room and I have finished packing and tidy up all of them.
(To Khalil - Bilik aku dah KEMAS!!)
Here I managed to get a room at the hall in monti 3 with a fellow penang and soksekianz, Faiz Omar.

Alhamdulillah, I was really relieved since this makes it easier to share kitchen utensils and food.
We also managed to do a little shopping at ASDA, which is a supermarket. My greatest thank you to brother Fauzi who have always been very helpful.
I am really grateful for all the things he have done. I hope one day I can repay him.

Finally, I hope that all of u would pray for our success in life. Hope to c u again soon.