Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Theory of Interdependence of Decision Making

When we open our physic text book, we will encounter the many theories made by man.. Let's take one example, the 1st Law of thermodynamics..
Correct me if I'm wrong, this law states that the increase in the internal energy of a gas is equal to the sum of the heat enrgy supplied to it and the work done on it..
This is one of many laws in physic...

Then, when we feel bored of reading physic, we decide to study economics since we haven't 'mastered' it yet..
We will still fond many theories such as the ' theory of contestable market', the 'theory of the firms' and many more..
How did they make all this theories??

Have you ever since the sitcom 'How I met your mother'??
If you have not seen it, I suggest you find it and watch it..
It is extremely funny..
I personally like Barney, the character never failed to amuse me with his theories about girls, the 'Bro code' and many others..
It shows that you can make any theory you want, even though it is silly..

Now, I would to introduce one theory that I made...
I haven't given it a catchy name..
The Theory of Interdependence of Decision Making

This theory states that the decision of one person is affected by the decision of another person.
However, there are a few assumptions to be taken into account.
1. The person must share a high degree of friendship with one another.
2. Both person must be of in close contact with one another. However, since the introduction of telephones, mobile phones and internet, this assumption can be neglected.
3. Both of them must be facing the same choices.

X and Y is deciding whether to go to class or not. Hence if X decides not to go to class, then Y will also decide not to go to class.

This theory is applicable to almost all decision making situations where two people exist. It can be used to explain why a person acts that way.
So now if you are punished for not going to class, you can use the theory if interdependence if decision making as an excuse. : P

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Werewolf!! The story..

Now I would like to share with you my experience playing this game..
Before you read this, you would need to read my previous post entitled " The Werewolf game!! Step by step guide" in order for you to understand what I'm talking about...
We played this game with 35 people..
So we changed the rule a bit..
The werewolf can kill 2 people each turn and the villagers can choose to execute to people each turn..
When i picked my card, my character was the 'werewolf'..
"Wow, this is going to be interesting. I get to kill people. Hehehe"
My tactic was to lay low and make friends with the people sitting beside me. They were X, Y, Z..
X was sitting on my right, Y and Z was sitting on my left. So I tried my best to pretend that I'm not the werewolf and gain their trust.
As the game goes, they seem to trust me. Whenever they pointed at someone who they suspect is a werewolf, I would just agree with them, even if that person is my fellow werewolf..
To me, it all werewolf for themselves..
My goal was to survive in this game and I was willing to do anything to achieve it..
I noticed that X trusted me a lot. X shared me her suspicion on the person who might be a werewolf..
"Dolah, I think Aainaa Kamila is a werewolf. She seems strange."
" Dolah, I heard Khalil making a pssssss sound when the werewolf was planning to kill someone. I think he must be a werewolf."
I just supported her.. Hehehe
As each turn passes by, the villager manage to kill many werewolf until I was the only werewolf alive...

I was feeling tense.
Now, there are only 5 people,
Me, X, A, B, and C..
It was my turn to choose someone to kill and was only allowed to kill one since there only a small number of players left..
Who should I kill??
Obviously not X, she is too important...
Should I kill A?? She was very suspicious of me before... No way, if I kill her, then the others might know that I'm the werewolf..
So it's either B or C..
B is the kind of person who seems to act like a werewolf.. So not her..
That leaves me with C, a quiet girl who will not be suspected of a werewolf..
So I chose to kill C..

Now, the final moment which will determine the winner...
Since there is only 4 people left and the villagers can kill 2 people, if the villagers chose correctly then they will win..
But if the villager chose the wrong person, I will win..
The odds are against me..
I was expecting X to start becoming suspicious of me since there are only 4 people left..
But to my great relief, she didn't suspect me at all..
Instead, she was discussing with me who is the real werewolf, A or B..
this is too good to be true..
X was very suspicious of A, and A was very suspicious of me..
Now all that I have to do is to convince X that B could also be a potential werewolf..
I whispered to X, "Don't you think that B is acting a bit weird. She is very quite and she sometimes smile to herself. I think she could be the werewolf".
To my joy, X agreed with me..
And so the moment of truth.. The time to vote the 2 person to be executed..
The ghost(people who already lost the game) behind us was also anxious and kept saying "choose wisely"..
Then the narrator said "Who wants to vote A out?" 3 people raised their hands including me..
" How about Dollah?" only A raised her hand. I was already excited. "X?" one person raised their hand. " Now how about B"? Me and X raised our hands..
And so A and B was killed!!!
I won...
before they announced the character of A and B, X finally realised something and said to me, "Dolah, if you are the werewolf I will kick you!!"
I just smiled to her.. "Sry X, I already won, Hehehe" I said to myself..
When the narrator finished announcing the character of A nad B, I leapt and shouted "Yessss!!!!"
it was the best moment ever.. My fellow werewolves congratulated me..
X was really shocked..
I then apologised to her for tricking her but she still couldn't accept it at first and was really angry with me..
That was what happened when I first played this game..
I hope I can play this game again someday..

The Werewolf game!!! Step by step guide

Last week during the SC camp, I learned a very interesting game called 'The werewolf'..
First, let me explain the rules n guide to play this game..
No. of players:
at least 7 people.. but the more people the more exciting

During the start of each game, everyone will pick a card randomly from a box which states the character that is assigned to him/her.. You are not allowed to show your card to anyone.. You will be disqualified if you do so...
So the characters are:
1) The oracle - One player only.Has the power to see a players card during each turn
2) The cupid - One player only.Has the power to choose two people to become a couple. The couple chosen must protect each other at every cost. If one of the couple is killed, the other couple will die also. The cupid only has this power during the 1st turn. Then the cupid will just become a normal villager.
3) The werewolf - Can consist of 2 players or more (depends on the number of players in the game, the more the players, the more the werewolf). During each turn, the werewolf must choose a villager who they want to kill.
4) The witch - One player only.Has the power to kill someone who he/she thinks is a werewolf and revive a persons who was killed. He/she can only use both this power once during the whole game.
5) The villagers- All the players who are not assigned the characters above. During each turn they must decide a person who they suspect as a werewolf to be killed.

Objective of this game:
The villagers, oracle, witch, and cupid must kill all the werewolf.
The werewolf must kill all the villagers, oracle, witch n cupid.

The gameplan:
1) Everyone sits in a circle and picks a card. Then, place the card in front of you.
2) A narrator (must be someone who knows the rule of the game. He/she is not playing the game) will start the story with ' Once upon a time, there was a village called Lembah Bringin. However, among the villagers, there are a few werewolves. When night falls, everyone goes to sleep'(can be changed base on creativity of the narrator)
2. When the narrator says 'sleep'. Everyone must close their eyes. Those who fail to do so will be automatically killed.
3. Then, the narrator will say " Wake up oracle". The person who is the oracle must pone his/her eyes. "Choose a person who you want to know their identity". The oracle must point to someone without making any sound. The narrator will then pick the persons card and show it to the oracle. "Thank you oracle. You may now go to sleep". The oracle must close his/her eyes.
4. "Now, I call upon the cupid to wake up". The cupid must open his/her eyes. "Choose two people who you want to make them a couple". The cupid must point to two people without making any sound. "Thank you cupid. You may go to sleep". The cupid closes his/her eyes. "Now, the people who is tapped on the shoulder, please wake up." The people who was chosen by the cupid must wake up and see their partner. "You may now go to sleep". Both of them shut their eyes.
5. "Now, i call upon the werewolf". All the werewolf must wake up. "Choose a person you want to kill." The werewolf must decide without making any sound and point to that person. "Thank you werewolf. You may now go to sleep."
6. "Please wake up, oh great witch." The narrator will then show to the witch the person who was killed by the werewolf. "Now, choose. Do you want to save a life, kill a person, or skip the turn?" The witch will then tell the narrator his choice using sign language. For the1st turn, let us assume he/she skip the turn. "Thank you witch, you may go to sleep"
7. "As the sun rises, the villagers wakes up to see a bloody ''. Now villagers, choose a person who you would like to execute" During this, everyone in the game can open their eyes. The narrator will then announce the character of the person who was killed. (Each person who is killed can no longer play the game. He/she can only be spectator). They must all decide on a person in 2 minutes. During this time, everyone is allowed to speak either to accuse someone or to defend him/herself. When the time is up, they must then point to the person who they want to kill. The majority wins. The person who is executed can no longer play the game. The narrator will then announce the character of the person who is executed. If the person is a werewolf, then it is a good thing for the villagers. If however the person turns out to be a villager, or even worse the oracle, cupid, or witch, then it is a very bad thing for the villagers.
8. " Now, night falls again and everyone falls asleep." Everyone must close their eyes and the game starts with like before. Only the cupid will not be called to wake up because he/she has lost power. The game goes on and on until the villagers has killed all the werewolf or the werewolf have killed all the villagers.

This is a very exciting game. I played it once and was already addicted to it. Try and play it with your friends. If you have any questions, you can ask me.