Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hari RaYA!!

Tomorrow we will celebrate Hari Raya...
After a month of fasting, tomorrow will be the day of triumph...
I will be celebrating Hari Raya at Muar, Johor....

Here is my list of things to do tonight n tomorrow:
1. Fill the night with bangs n booms!! Main mercun la...
2. Help to make the delicious ketupat...
3. Iron my baju raya ( depends on the situation)
4. Send Hari Raya msg to my friends n teachers

1. Wake up early n take my bath
2. Enjoy the delicious ketupat (the most awaited event)
3.Ari Raya prayer
4. Kuih Raya eating event
5. Salam2 with all my family members... my nenek, mom, dad, brothers, sisters, nephew, niece, uncle and auntie..
6. Visit my relative's houses
7. Enjoy the ketupat: 2nd round
8. Others ( anything that I will think of later)

I would like to use this opportunity to wish
SLaMaT ArI RayA n MAaF zAhIR bATiN!!!
to all my friends out there...
may u have a joyful Ari Raya celebration...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Understanding Your Friend

they are among the most influencial people in our life (some even rank them as no #1)...
however, it is normal for friends 2 fight n quarrel sometimes...
nobody is perfect...
so we sometime makes mistakes which hurt our friends...
understanding is one of the most in important thing for a good relationship with your friends...

Imagine you are having a problem and it is really making you feel sad and down...
so you turn to your friend and say
'Bro, I need your help. I have a big problem.'
and you tell your friend about all of the things that are disturbing you...
But what is your friend reaction towards this??
Here are a few negative reactions...
1. Looks at you with blur impression/ doesn't pay too much attention to you. This really irritates other people so please don't do this to your friends.
2. Gives a resonance effect ot your problem by saying " You have a problem. I have a problem too." And in the end, both of them cried over their problems. (this is usually the case for girls hehehe)
3. Before you even finished telling him/her about your problems, he/she turns to you and says "Be patient. Itu semua cobaan". I wouldn't say this is wrong. It's just that the timing is wrong.

So how should you react when your friend comes to you with a problem.
These are a few tips:
1. Listen to him/her and your full attention to what he/she is speaking. Try to comfort him/her while your listening.
2. Try to understand what your friend is feeling. Put yourself in his/her shoe.
3. Give suggestions to solve his/her problems if you have any.
4. Be supportive.

Even though you will usually be unable to solve your friends problem, just becoming a good listener is good enough to help ease your friends burden.

Lastly to all my friends out there,

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

School Holiday Timetable

I'm back..

Sry 4 not updating my blog recently..

got some problem with the internet connection at home...


well currently I'm at home bored stiff..

Everyday I do the same thing..

5.00am-get up 4 sahur and Subuh prayer

6.15am-continuation of my sleep.

8.30am-wake up n have a bath

8.45am-blur 4 a while n deciding either to stdy or play computer games.

9.00am-decide to play computer game until 11.00am n then want to stdy.

11.00am-still playing games n decide to stdy during the afternoon around 3.00pm

12.30pm-just stopped playing n decide to watch the tv

1.30pm-finished watching tv. Feels sleepy n decide to take a short nap.

3.30pm-woke up form 'short nap'. Zuhur prayer. Decide whether to stdy or not. After doing the cost-benefit analysis, stdy seems to be more important but too lazy

4.30pm-Asar prayer. 'Lepak-lepak' 4 awhile.

5.30pm-Sometimes went out to bazaar Ramadhan or just stay at home

6.30pm-Preparing 4 buka puasa.

7.15pm-Buka puasa.Yay!!!

7.45pm-Maghrib prayer.

8.00pm-Watching the news with mixed feelings.

8.20pm-Isyak n trawih prayer at Surau Lebuh Nipah

10.00pm- Arrive at home n open the pc. And you know what happens next... computer games!!

1.30am- Finished palying n went to bed.

This happens almost everyday. I know this is almost the same 4 most of you. This is what I call the Holiday Routine. During this time, my productivity level is at its lowest point. Well I hope that tomorrow will be a more interesting n productive day 4 me. Slamat brpuasa n smoga dapt brtemu dgn lailatul qadar.


Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today have been a very non-productive day for me.
Since morning I have done nothing but sleep.
What is wrong with me???
Just when I was about to study for the exam which is on Saturday, my eyes and head felt really dizzy.
My eyes kept shutting by itself every time I try to focus.
Even though I try to hold on, but the sleeping sensation always defeats my determination to stdy.
Maybe I need to exercise a bit today.
I think my body has really miss playing basketball even though I it was just yesterday that I did not play.
Basketball is truth

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Disappointment ....

Today, after finished praying, I decided to surf the net for awhile and check out the latest news and events in Malaysia..
So I opened Malaysiakini....
I clicked on the most interesting issue that is published which is about the statement of the Chief of UMNO for the Bukit Mertajam district.
For those who have no idea of what I'm talking about, let me shed some light for you guys.
During the Permatang Pauh election, Datuk Ahmad Ismail, Chief of UMNO for the Bkt Bendera district gave out a statement which is said to be offensive to the Chinese during his speech for the campaign.
This has sparked anger to the Chinese community of Malaysia.
However, Datuk Ahmad Ismail defended himself saying that he was referring to the history of Malaysia and refuses to apologise to the public.
The thing that I am disappointed with is that the way some of our leaders are using race as an issue.
They give out racist comments which offends other races. Is this how leaders should act? 
Are our leaders really taking the principle and belief that all races in Malaysia are part of Malaysia or are they just thinking of their own race and self importance?
We have reached our 51st years of independent. 
Shouldn't we have learnt a lot from all these years about the races in Malaysia? 
Can't we tolerate  with each other and sit in one table to discuss our problems?
In the latest issue of the Malaysiakini that I read showed a picture of a man tearing the picture of Datuk Koh Tsu Koon, the President of the Gerakan party.
Is this how we should act after 50 years of independent?
I was totally disappointed with this. 

In my opinion, it is important for us all to understand one another in order for us to live harmoniously in Malaysia. Let us hold our hands together and strive to achieve success as Malaysians and not as an individual race. 
Put aside all of the negative thoughts and perception that we have on others. Rather looking at the bad things of other people, won't it be better if look for the good things of them?
We can make the difference

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Leaders of tomorrow !!

One day, Utbah bin Farqad, the Gabenor of Azerbaijan at the time of Khalifah Umar Al-Khattab was presented with a food by his people which was a norm at that time. He accepted and asked:
"What is the name of this food?"
"This food is called Habish" said his people.
The Gabenor tasted the food and found it very delicious. He thought that it would be a good idea to send this food to Khalifah Umar Al-Khattab and make him happy. The Gabenor quickly asked his people to make the food.
After the food was ready, he ordered two of his people to send the Habish to Khalifah Umar Al-Khattab. They both quickly headed for Madinah and presented the food to Khalifah Umar Al-Khattab. Khalifah Umar tasted the food.
"What is the name of this food?" asked Khalifah Umar.
"The name of this food is Habish. This is the most delicious food in Azerbaijan," said one of the messenger. 
"Can every people of Azerbaijan eat this food?" asked Khalifah Umar again.
"No, not everyone can eat this food," said the messenger with some fear in his voice.
Khalifah Umar Al-Khattab went red in the face as a sign that he is angry. He asked both messenger to return the Habish to Azerbaijan and present a letter to the Gabenor of Azerbaijan,
'......this delicious food is not made from the money of your mother and father. Thus, fill the stomach of your people first before you fill your own stomach.'