Wednesday, September 24, 2008

School Holiday Timetable

I'm back..

Sry 4 not updating my blog recently..

got some problem with the internet connection at home...


well currently I'm at home bored stiff..

Everyday I do the same thing..

5.00am-get up 4 sahur and Subuh prayer

6.15am-continuation of my sleep.

8.30am-wake up n have a bath

8.45am-blur 4 a while n deciding either to stdy or play computer games.

9.00am-decide to play computer game until 11.00am n then want to stdy.

11.00am-still playing games n decide to stdy during the afternoon around 3.00pm

12.30pm-just stopped playing n decide to watch the tv

1.30pm-finished watching tv. Feels sleepy n decide to take a short nap.

3.30pm-woke up form 'short nap'. Zuhur prayer. Decide whether to stdy or not. After doing the cost-benefit analysis, stdy seems to be more important but too lazy

4.30pm-Asar prayer. 'Lepak-lepak' 4 awhile.

5.30pm-Sometimes went out to bazaar Ramadhan or just stay at home

6.30pm-Preparing 4 buka puasa.

7.15pm-Buka puasa.Yay!!!

7.45pm-Maghrib prayer.

8.00pm-Watching the news with mixed feelings.

8.20pm-Isyak n trawih prayer at Surau Lebuh Nipah

10.00pm- Arrive at home n open the pc. And you know what happens next... computer games!!

1.30am- Finished palying n went to bed.

This happens almost everyday. I know this is almost the same 4 most of you. This is what I call the Holiday Routine. During this time, my productivity level is at its lowest point. Well I hope that tomorrow will be a more interesting n productive day 4 me. Slamat brpuasa n smoga dapt brtemu dgn lailatul qadar.


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