Monday, October 12, 2009

Math Question

You borrowed RM25 from your mom and RM25 from your dad.
So the total money you borrowed is RM50, correct?
Then, you spend RM45 on clothes and so you are left with RM5.
You decide to return RM1 to each of your parents, so you give your mom RM1 and you also give your dad RM1.
Now, you owe RM24 to both your mom and dad. You are left with RM3 in your pocket.

RM24 x 2 = RM48
RM48 + RM3 = RM51
Where did the RM1 came from?

Try to solve this. It really is a brain teaser.
If you get the answer, post a comment in this topic.
Have fun!! : P

Basketball Try Out Overview

The last try out was held on Monday and Tuesday morning, at 7 am!
I had to wake up early and it was really frustrating..
I was jealous of Faiz who can lay in bed for another hour..
It is very cold during the morning in Southampton and I have to endure it while feeling very sleepy..
I arrived early and had to wait before the Sport Complex was opened..
By 6.55 am, the main door to the Sport Complex was packed with basketball players..
People passing by was shocked to see a lot of people so early in the morning..
At 7 am, the Sport Complex was opened and the try out started..
To cut things short, I passed the try out on Monday but I failed during the last and final try out which was on Tuesday..
It was disappointing to be able to go this far and fail..
Huhuhu : (

However, I will not give up!!!
I will try again next year..
I will practice and improve my skills..
This will be a motivation for me to become better in this sport..
This is not the end!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

2nd Basketball Tryout

The try-out started at 12pm. I had to rush a bit because I went to a car boot sale during the morning and arrived at my room at 10.30am. However, I managed to arrive there quite early and had a little practice before the try-out started.
Today, the Southampton basketball coach was around to observe and select us. He first asked us to do some layup drills to get us warmed up. Then, he split us into 10 teams to play 5 on 5 half court. The team that score first win and the losing team will be replaced by another team. It was hard since there was not a lot of space to take advantage of. After that we were required to play 5 on 5 full court. It was intense and very tiring since we have to run up and down the court for 5 minutes. I played OK and I was really feeling good about myself.
Then, came the most awaited time. The coach will call out the people who did not make it. Alhamdulillah, I was not one of them. Yahoooooo!!!
Tomorrow we will have practice at 7am. Huhuhu I have to get up early.
The coach will then assess us again during training and will cut 10 more people on Tuesday. That will be the day which will determine whether I am qualified to be a member of the Southampton Basketball team.
Pray for my success please.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Basketball Try-out

Today I went for the Southampton basketball try out. It was really exciting to see so many basketball players in the campus. Many of them has lots of skill and are really good.
The trials started at 11.00. 1st, we were told to do some basic drills i.e. lay-ups and shots. And then we had a one on one match and a two on one match.
We were then told to play 4 on 4 half court matches. This is when things started to get hard. It was clear that I was the weakest player. Huhuhu
They were really good. I was getting tired and couldn't play very well. Then it got even harder as we were told to play 5 on 5 full court. I was exhausted by then since I have to run up and down the court.
However, I qualified for the 2nd round of the selection. Alhamdulillah. I was really thankful to Allah for giving me this opportunity. It will be held tomorrow at 12 noon.
I hope I can better tomorrow. Pray for me.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The 1st Recipe

1 can of tuna
soy sauce
chilly sauce
2 eggs

Just mix them all together until fully cook
Eat with bread

Comments by the judges (Faiz and myself):
Delicious but something is wrong somewhere because both of us had stomached and had to rush to the nearest toilet.
Need to improve.

To readers, please post any suggestions. Thx

A New Beginning

1st I would like to say sorry for not updating my blog for so long
Maybe it was because I couldn't find the time to write anything or maybe I was just lazy to write.

Yesterday I arrived at the University of Southampton, a new place which will be my place of study for the next 4 years..
This place will be challenging battle and a test of my emotions, spiritual, and physical attributtes.
This will be the place that will develop me into who I will become in the future.

Today I just checked into my room and I have finished packing and tidy up all of them.
(To Khalil - Bilik aku dah KEMAS!!)
Here I managed to get a room at the hall in monti 3 with a fellow penang and soksekianz, Faiz Omar.

Alhamdulillah, I was really relieved since this makes it easier to share kitchen utensils and food.
We also managed to do a little shopping at ASDA, which is a supermarket. My greatest thank you to brother Fauzi who have always been very helpful.
I am really grateful for all the things he have done. I hope one day I can repay him.

Finally, I hope that all of u would pray for our success in life. Hope to c u again soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Basketball Tournament

From 23/6-28/6 I was at UTP. I was invited by a friend of mine to join their basketball team to play in a basketball tournament called the Spritzer Cup which is held from 26/6-28/6. I was so excited since it has been ages since I played in a basketball tournament.

So on the 24/6, my father's friend sent me to UTP. However, during the journey I was restless about one thing which is whether or not I can get into UTP. UTP is very strict in enforcing it rules and one of them is that only UTP students and staff are allowed in. In my mind I was thinking of the best way to get into UTP. Finally I decided to act like I am a student. If the guard asked me about my matric card, I would just say that I left it at home : P Luckily, the guard just let us in without any question. I was so relieved.

The next morning, our training started. It was intensive since we only have 2 days to prepare. We trained 3 times a day! Morning, evening and night. I was exhausted. This is the 1st time I've experieced such training. By night I slept like a log.
On Friday our game started with our first opponent being SERATAS Sr. At first we were not playing at our best probably because of the lack of teamwork. The slippery floor also made it worst since we are not used to it. So we had to play carefully in order to avoid injury. However during the 2nd quarter we played better and we thrashed them. I can't remember the score but I know the margin was very big. Hehehe

The next day we were up against TLDM and STAR. The match against TLDM was a close one but we won easily against STAR. We managed to limit STAR to only 7 points while we scored 34 points. Hehehe So we were the champion of the group and we were qualified to go to the 2nd round. In the 2nd round, the teams which qualifies were divided into 2 groups and only the champion of each group will be able to go to the final. The teams which obtained 2nd place in their group will be able to fight for the 3rd and 4th placing. UTP was placed with Python and Manjong. Both teams are very skilled and we knew that we have to work hard to win.

On Sunday, we had to face Python, a team comprising of ex-MCKK players. It was a very intense game. During the 1st quarter, the score was Python 8 UTP 0. We were playing badly. However, we improved during the 2nd quarter and we got even better in the 3rd quarter which they did not even managed to score. However, we failed to continue our form in the 4th quarter and hence we lost.

Our next match was against Manjong. I did not play in this match because I had to leave for KL to attend the YTN Reorientation Programme. Huhuhu UTP managed to win the game and was able to play against MCKK to fight for the 3rd place. Sadly, we lost to MCKK by a narrow margin.
So UTP obtained 4th place in the Spritzer Cup.
Eventhough we lost, I was happy because I obtained many new things in basketball which I hope I can use to improve my skill. Thx to all my friends in UTP for inviting me to join this tournament. Hope to see u and play with you again one day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Factor of Success

Today, I woke up a bit late...
I have class during the morning so I quickly went for a bath and got ready..
After eating breakfast (bread with strawberry jam), I quickly rushed to my further mechanics class because I was already 5 minutes late...
When reached there, I saw what I had expected to see..
An empty dark classroom..
Not again!!
Including this, this is the 5th time I was the only who went to class..
Pn Ju came about 5 minutes later and she just smiled at me when she saw me standing in front of the class...
I think she too had expected the same thing...
So, I asked her to go and study at the RC and she agreed...

Some may say that I am writing this to brag about being the only one to go to class..
And wanting everyone to know that I am a very good student..
Well, that is not the reason I am writing this..
I am writing this to give an advice to my fellow friends...
And base on my story, I think you already know what am I going to say...

Respect and Baraqah
Like most of us, I too think that it is better if we have our own time to study..
We prefer to have study leave and study by ourselves..
Hence, since last week, most of us obtain a lot of free period because the teacher decided to cancel classes..
I am now free during block 3,4,5 and 6..
Which means I now only have two blocks to go to...
block 1 and 2..
This is the case for most of my friends....
So since now the percentage of free blocks is more than the percentage of class, I decided to skip most of my block 1 and 2...
"Alang2 dah free, baik free 1 hari trus..
bru best..
that was what I thought...
However, one day, a friend came to me and gave me an advice...
He said:
In exams, it is not only study that determines our success, it also comes from the baraqah of our teachers...
Baraqah is defined as the blessing of someone to us....
Many of us forget this important factor in running our life..
But trust me, the blessings from our teachers, parents and the people around us plays a very important role in our success...
We can not see it..
We can not quantify it..
We can not feel it..
But in order to be successful in life, we must believe that it exist and strive to obtain it..

A teacher once told me a story about a student who was very smart in his studies during his secondary school..
But he was not very respectful to his teacher...
As many people expected, he excelled in his SPM..
However, when he went on to continue his studies in university, he found it very difficult..
He couldn't focus and he was getting bad results for his exams..
One might say that it was all because he didn't get the blessing from his teachers who were the one giving him knowledge and guidance during secondary school...

Now the question is, how exactly do we obtain it???
One of the ways is to respect our teachers and parents..
Respect is define as the condition of showing honor to the person..
We show that we appreciate that person..
We do our best to make him or her happy..
We obey our parents...
We do our homework...
We come to class when we are suppose to..

After that, I promised to myself that I will never skip classes...
-The first thing is because I don't want to create a habit of skipping classes during my time in universities.
-I hope to obtain the blessing from my teachers
My results during trial was not very good..
So I need to do everything I can which can help me succeed in my exams..
Thx to that from of mine who showed me my errors..
All in all, please pray for my success in my A level examinations..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

7 May - Black Malaysia Day

This day should be considered a black day for Malaysia. The event that happened on this day is a disgrace to all Malaysians.
To those of you who are not aware of this situation, let me brief you a little about what had happened on that day:
1. The first state assembly sitting since the Pakatan Rakyat state government was ousted in February was held on this day. The BN formed government in Perak lead by Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir wanted to table a motion to oust the current Speaker V Sivakumar in this sitting.
2. Before the sitting started, the Speaker ordered Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six excos who was suspended to leave the assembly. They refused which lead to some mouth fights between the Pakatan reps and the BN reps.
3. Datuk Zambry then asked to table a motion to oust the Speaker but was refused by the Speaker since he said he will not start the assembly until all those who are suspended leave.
4. The Deputy Speaker, Hee Yit Foong then said that she was in charged and she ordered Sivakumar to leave the assembly. Datuk Zambry then tabled the motion to oust Sivakumar and obtained the support from all BN reps.
5. Sivakumar then said that the motion was not legitimate since he was still there.
6. After a few hours, police came in to forcefully remove the Speaker from his seat. He was then replaced by the BN elected Speaker R Ganesan.
7. Meanwhile, outside the Secretariat Building, bystanders and protesters were arrested for being in 500m of the fence, which was placed by the police. Those who were only drinking in a restaurant nearby were also arrested.

For more info about this event you can go to
1. (malay language)
2. Malaysia insider

From the events which happened, it is clear to us that democracy in Malaysia is not practiced fully. This is an act of destroying the constitution, the law and the parliamentary traditions. It seems that we are more of an autocratic country than a democratic country. Force is used to enable the BN government to take over the Perak state. Yeah, you can be proud of doing such a coward thing. Celebrate all you want. You won't obtain the respect of other people by obtaining power using that method. It makes me disgusted.
Furthermore, it always makes me wonder, who is the police force working for?? The country or the BN government?? And why is it always the Pakatan reps who are given a tough time by the police?? From my observations, the police force are not working for the country to protect the people but are working for the BN government to hurt the people. They are like brutes who just want to bully the weak. Don't they have crimes to worry about than carrying out arrest of peaceful protesters??? What is wrong with wearing black clothes to protest?? What harm can it do to other people?? We should have the right to wear whatever clothes we want as long as it is decent. No one has the right to strip us of this right.
Another question that should be raised is why does the BN so afraid of dissolving the assembly and call for fresh elections?? Is it because they are afraid of losing in the election?? Only they know the answer.
On the whole,I think that it would be wise to dissolve the assembly and give the power to Perakians to decide who they want to represent them. Even though it is time consuming, this is the only way that peace can be installed back in Perak. The sooner this ends the better for the benefit of Perak.
The government can use force to control our actions and speech but they do not have the power to control our minds and thoughts. I hope that you can give me your opinion on this matter.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Topup Industry in KYUEM

For about a year and a half I became a topup seller to my fellow friends in KYUEM.
It was fun. Exciting especially when I received the money. You have the chance to communicate and get to know a lot of people.
However, it was very tiring and the income was not that good. In economic terms, I was only earning normal profit which is define as:
the level of profit which is just enough for a firm to stay in business and is not able to attract any other firms to join the industry.

That is a bit of revision for economics students.
However, since February this year I have stopped selling topup.
Because I thought it was not worth it. My reasons are:

1. Exams is just around the corner. This is one of the most important exams of my life and it is important for me to stay focus and not be disturbed constantly while I'm studying or when I'm sleeping. This is because when I was selling topup, I get messages at 2 am from someone asking me to topup. Sometimes, people wake me up at 3 am to ask for topup. The worst part is, because I was too sleepy, I sometimes topup the wrong number which makes me making a loss. huhuhu

2. It is too tiring to collect money from people who bought on credit. And since I'm soo forgetful, I constantly forget who and how much people owe me. Sometimes, I even felt embarassed for asking the wrong person.

3. Profit is not that good. I only received around 10 cents for every RM10 topup I sell. It's too little. Not worth my time. I can do some other things like study. : P

However, I don't want to give the impression that selling topup did not give any benefits to me.
First, I managed to learn from my own experience how dangerous bad money management could be. Hence I continuosly tried to improve my money management (collecting money from debters) but I haven't found one that is really effective. But I did manage to make some improvement.
Secondly, it was very happy to be able to help people who are in need of topup. You see, KYUEM is not a place where you can just go to the small shops and get topup easily. No,no. In KYUEM, you need to know friends who sells topup and trust me, there are not many of them. Why can't we just go to shops to buy topup?? KYUEM is located at a very rural area where there are no small shops around! The closest thing to small shop is the dotco and it does not sell topup. So, whenever I managed to help my friend who are in great need of topup, it makes me feel good.
However, crisis sometimes happen when everyone of the people who sells topup are all out of topup. That is when havoc occurs in KYUEM!! Sometimes, it goes on for a whole week!!

Lastly, I would like to say thank you to all my loyal customers. You have helped me a lot. And a lot of thanks to my partner Syahir for helping with the posters and promotions.

The Story of a Butterfly

Today, I managed to wake up early and did mt Subuh prayer at the mosque thx to Brother Aidid who woke me up. After the prayer, like always, there will be a tazkirah (a session for people to give good advice and reminders to other people).
Today, the person presenting the tazkirah is Brother Aidid.
Here is a summary of what he said:

Imagine that one day, a person walked and saw a tree in front of him. At that tree, he saw a cocoon where a beautiful butterfly is about to emerge. The person went nearer to the cocoon have a closer look. He saw that the butterfly is trying very hard to break free from the cocoon. Feeling sympathetic to it, he went into his room and brought out a scissor to cut open the cocoon in order to cut the cocoon to make it easier for the butterfly to escape from it. So he cut the cocoon and the butterfly was able to break free easily and started to fly. However, after a few seconds, the butterfly fell and couldn't get back up to fly because its wing is too weak. Even though the intention of the person is good, his action has made the butterfly weak and unable to fly.

Now what does this story tells us??
That we shouldn't help people when they are in need of our help??
No, that is not the morale of this story. What I learnt from this story is that challenges and difficulties in life are very crucial in our lives. Everyone must have experienced failure. We feel depressed and weak when we are unable to achieve something. However, we must always realize that each and every failure will make stronger and better. A person who fails but then managed to rise and start all over again is a person who will succeed in life. This is because that person will now be able to learn from the mistakes that he did. This makes him a better person than he was before.

In life, we must always face these challenges and never give up. There is no shortcut to it. We must give it our best or else we will regret it in the future. Either we fail or succeed is another story. As a student, one of the most important exams in my life is just around the corner. This will determine my future. That's why I have promised myself to never give up no matter how hard the subject is and I hope that all my friends out there will feel the same way.

All the best in your life!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Garnet House Trip 'Pangkor Island'

Tired but lots of fun...

Friday, 17th of April
-Started our journey at around 2.45pm. 2 buses consisting of around 80 enthusiastic Garnetors were traveling towards the Lumut Port.

-Arrived at Lumut at 6.30 pm. We were given 45 minutes to stroll around. My friends and I decided to go and have roti canai since our stomach were already grumbling. Izuan an Amir ordered 2 roti canai kosong, while Anuar ordered 1 roti telur. Since I was not as hungry as Izuan and Amir, I only ordered 1 roti canai kosong but made it special by telling the mamak "kuah banjir taruk atas". 15 minutes later, my friends roti canai arrived but my special roti canai kuah banjir taruk atas was nowhere to be seen. I was getting restless. My friends have already finished their food. I put on an angry face and said to the mamak "Mamak, roti canai saya mana? Kwn saya dh abis makan, saya x dpt2 lg". The Mamak apologised to me and quickly went to tell the other Mamak who was cooking. I said to the Mamak, "Kuah banjir taruk atas tau". I was determined to get my specil roti canai. I did not have to wait long. Minutes later, my roti canai kuah banjir was served. My anger faded away with every bite of the roti canai.

-We then headed for Pangkor Island. The most enjoyable time was during our mini bus trip to our resort. The bus was very hot. No air-conditioning and it was packed. But, that was forgotten when we were on our way. We had a roller coaster ride when the bus was going up and down the hills. It was very slow when it was going uphill and I thought that we were going to go bakswards downhill at some point. But the skill of the driver did not permit that. When it was finally time to go downhill, it went very fast (well it seemed fast after a very slow uphill task : P). All the Garnertors in the bus went crazy screaming as the bus went down. It was very fun.

-We arrived at the Suria Resort. We got into our rooms and then had our dinner. After that, all of us decided to go to the beach. It was only a minute walk from our resort. Some of us had their own 'Johari window' session, some played 'pepsi cola' while others just walked across the beach. It felt really great and relaxing. At 12 midnight, Pn Halijah ordered us to went back to the resort. I watcheda tv show and then went to sleep.

Saturday, 18th of April
-We went to the Giam Island. It was not very far from the beach. As we arrived, many decided to just jump to the sea and have a bath. A few minor injuries occured when some of us had deep cuts because of the sea shells on rocks which was very sharp. Then, the tour guide gave us a lesson on how to do snorkelling. Many looked enthusiastic to learn. At around 11, we were sent to the snorkelling spot. I was not so excited because I couldn't snorkel due to the operation in my ear. So did not know what they saw when they snorkelled there. But I managed to get the experience of holding a living 'Gamat'. It felt like I was holding a big fat jelly. Then we headed back to our campsite. The boys had to walk there so we had our own mini jungle trekking with our bare footed because we did not bring along our slippers when we went to the snorkelling site.
Then we had our lunch. It felt great having a picnic at the beach with the wind and the sound of the ocean. Suddenly while I was eating, something got into my eye. It was painful. At first I thought it will go away in a few minutes but it did not. My friends gave many suggestions on how to get rid of it but all of them failed. I endured the pain while eating. I ate with my eyes closed. Huhuhuhu after about an hour ( I think because it felt so long), Mr Azman suggested to me to go and dip my eye in the sea. And it worked. I was grateful to him and Moja for helpin me out. Now I know how it feels to be blind.

-During the evening we headed back to our beach at Pulau Pangkor. Some of us decided to go on a banana boat ride which looked fun. I could just watched from the beach. : (
Then, my friends and I decided to go kayakking. We took 4 kayak and went back to Pulau Giam just for fun. Then I suggested to them to race back to the beach. The agreed. Four kayak was lined up ready to roll, consisting of me-izuan pilus, zul-amir, izzat-syafiq and najah-farah hazwani. On your mark, get set...GOOO and the race started. Each team was determined to win. Najah and Farah Hazwani was in front since we gave them a head start. My kayak was having a tough time bumping with Zul's kayak. Nevertheless, we manage to endure it and sped straight towards the beach to over take najah's kayak. With some very bad manouvering skills, we finally managed to overtake them and win the race. Yahoooooooooooooo. : P

-After that we decided to build our very own sand castle. Just one word to describe it. Disastrous. With no planning, our castle looked like a tank made of sand. I think we should have asked for some girl's touch. Hehehe

- During the night, we had a barbeque. The fish was very delicious. Then we were asked to go to the beach for our very own Survivor. When we arrived there, a big campfire was burning in the middle. Every group was placed at a candle situated around the campifire. It was amazing. Feels like 'Samurai Night'. Hehehe We had many activities. Water war, telefon berkarat, eating competition, and many more. And in almost every activity, almost every group cheated. What do you expect?? It was in the middle of the night. Hehehe The team that cheated the most manage to win : P Overall, it was fun even though we were exhausted after that.

Sunday, 19th of April
- We had our breakfast. But Izuan, Iman and I was not satisfied so we went for a second breakfast at a restaurant nearby. We ate nasi lemak which was very very spicy but delicious. I was sweating while eating because of the spice. Then we went for a stroll at the beach. After that, we decided to do some shopping. I bought some souvenirs and then headed back to the resort because it was raining.

-We then headed back to the port after having our lunch. We experienced the roller coaster ride once again. Hehehe We then boarded a ferry which has an open space at the back. This was soon packed with KYUEM's students taking pictures and enjoying the scenery. When we arrived at the Lumut Port, we were given some time to do some final shopping and thenwe headed for our beloved college.

Overall, it was very enjoying, fun, relaxing and exciting. Thx to the commitee for doing a wonderful job. May this be the mark for the rise of the House of Garnet. Go GARNET!!!!!
P/S: currently still searching for photos. I will upload them as soon as possible...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Theory of Interdependence of Decision Making

When we open our physic text book, we will encounter the many theories made by man.. Let's take one example, the 1st Law of thermodynamics..
Correct me if I'm wrong, this law states that the increase in the internal energy of a gas is equal to the sum of the heat enrgy supplied to it and the work done on it..
This is one of many laws in physic...

Then, when we feel bored of reading physic, we decide to study economics since we haven't 'mastered' it yet..
We will still fond many theories such as the ' theory of contestable market', the 'theory of the firms' and many more..
How did they make all this theories??

Have you ever since the sitcom 'How I met your mother'??
If you have not seen it, I suggest you find it and watch it..
It is extremely funny..
I personally like Barney, the character never failed to amuse me with his theories about girls, the 'Bro code' and many others..
It shows that you can make any theory you want, even though it is silly..

Now, I would to introduce one theory that I made...
I haven't given it a catchy name..
The Theory of Interdependence of Decision Making

This theory states that the decision of one person is affected by the decision of another person.
However, there are a few assumptions to be taken into account.
1. The person must share a high degree of friendship with one another.
2. Both person must be of in close contact with one another. However, since the introduction of telephones, mobile phones and internet, this assumption can be neglected.
3. Both of them must be facing the same choices.

X and Y is deciding whether to go to class or not. Hence if X decides not to go to class, then Y will also decide not to go to class.

This theory is applicable to almost all decision making situations where two people exist. It can be used to explain why a person acts that way.
So now if you are punished for not going to class, you can use the theory if interdependence if decision making as an excuse. : P

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Werewolf!! The story..

Now I would like to share with you my experience playing this game..
Before you read this, you would need to read my previous post entitled " The Werewolf game!! Step by step guide" in order for you to understand what I'm talking about...
We played this game with 35 people..
So we changed the rule a bit..
The werewolf can kill 2 people each turn and the villagers can choose to execute to people each turn..
When i picked my card, my character was the 'werewolf'..
"Wow, this is going to be interesting. I get to kill people. Hehehe"
My tactic was to lay low and make friends with the people sitting beside me. They were X, Y, Z..
X was sitting on my right, Y and Z was sitting on my left. So I tried my best to pretend that I'm not the werewolf and gain their trust.
As the game goes, they seem to trust me. Whenever they pointed at someone who they suspect is a werewolf, I would just agree with them, even if that person is my fellow werewolf..
To me, it all werewolf for themselves..
My goal was to survive in this game and I was willing to do anything to achieve it..
I noticed that X trusted me a lot. X shared me her suspicion on the person who might be a werewolf..
"Dolah, I think Aainaa Kamila is a werewolf. She seems strange."
" Dolah, I heard Khalil making a pssssss sound when the werewolf was planning to kill someone. I think he must be a werewolf."
I just supported her.. Hehehe
As each turn passes by, the villager manage to kill many werewolf until I was the only werewolf alive...

I was feeling tense.
Now, there are only 5 people,
Me, X, A, B, and C..
It was my turn to choose someone to kill and was only allowed to kill one since there only a small number of players left..
Who should I kill??
Obviously not X, she is too important...
Should I kill A?? She was very suspicious of me before... No way, if I kill her, then the others might know that I'm the werewolf..
So it's either B or C..
B is the kind of person who seems to act like a werewolf.. So not her..
That leaves me with C, a quiet girl who will not be suspected of a werewolf..
So I chose to kill C..

Now, the final moment which will determine the winner...
Since there is only 4 people left and the villagers can kill 2 people, if the villagers chose correctly then they will win..
But if the villager chose the wrong person, I will win..
The odds are against me..
I was expecting X to start becoming suspicious of me since there are only 4 people left..
But to my great relief, she didn't suspect me at all..
Instead, she was discussing with me who is the real werewolf, A or B..
this is too good to be true..
X was very suspicious of A, and A was very suspicious of me..
Now all that I have to do is to convince X that B could also be a potential werewolf..
I whispered to X, "Don't you think that B is acting a bit weird. She is very quite and she sometimes smile to herself. I think she could be the werewolf".
To my joy, X agreed with me..
And so the moment of truth.. The time to vote the 2 person to be executed..
The ghost(people who already lost the game) behind us was also anxious and kept saying "choose wisely"..
Then the narrator said "Who wants to vote A out?" 3 people raised their hands including me..
" How about Dollah?" only A raised her hand. I was already excited. "X?" one person raised their hand. " Now how about B"? Me and X raised our hands..
And so A and B was killed!!!
I won...
before they announced the character of A and B, X finally realised something and said to me, "Dolah, if you are the werewolf I will kick you!!"
I just smiled to her.. "Sry X, I already won, Hehehe" I said to myself..
When the narrator finished announcing the character of A nad B, I leapt and shouted "Yessss!!!!"
it was the best moment ever.. My fellow werewolves congratulated me..
X was really shocked..
I then apologised to her for tricking her but she still couldn't accept it at first and was really angry with me..
That was what happened when I first played this game..
I hope I can play this game again someday..

The Werewolf game!!! Step by step guide

Last week during the SC camp, I learned a very interesting game called 'The werewolf'..
First, let me explain the rules n guide to play this game..
No. of players:
at least 7 people.. but the more people the more exciting

During the start of each game, everyone will pick a card randomly from a box which states the character that is assigned to him/her.. You are not allowed to show your card to anyone.. You will be disqualified if you do so...
So the characters are:
1) The oracle - One player only.Has the power to see a players card during each turn
2) The cupid - One player only.Has the power to choose two people to become a couple. The couple chosen must protect each other at every cost. If one of the couple is killed, the other couple will die also. The cupid only has this power during the 1st turn. Then the cupid will just become a normal villager.
3) The werewolf - Can consist of 2 players or more (depends on the number of players in the game, the more the players, the more the werewolf). During each turn, the werewolf must choose a villager who they want to kill.
4) The witch - One player only.Has the power to kill someone who he/she thinks is a werewolf and revive a persons who was killed. He/she can only use both this power once during the whole game.
5) The villagers- All the players who are not assigned the characters above. During each turn they must decide a person who they suspect as a werewolf to be killed.

Objective of this game:
The villagers, oracle, witch, and cupid must kill all the werewolf.
The werewolf must kill all the villagers, oracle, witch n cupid.

The gameplan:
1) Everyone sits in a circle and picks a card. Then, place the card in front of you.
2) A narrator (must be someone who knows the rule of the game. He/she is not playing the game) will start the story with ' Once upon a time, there was a village called Lembah Bringin. However, among the villagers, there are a few werewolves. When night falls, everyone goes to sleep'(can be changed base on creativity of the narrator)
2. When the narrator says 'sleep'. Everyone must close their eyes. Those who fail to do so will be automatically killed.
3. Then, the narrator will say " Wake up oracle". The person who is the oracle must pone his/her eyes. "Choose a person who you want to know their identity". The oracle must point to someone without making any sound. The narrator will then pick the persons card and show it to the oracle. "Thank you oracle. You may now go to sleep". The oracle must close his/her eyes.
4. "Now, I call upon the cupid to wake up". The cupid must open his/her eyes. "Choose two people who you want to make them a couple". The cupid must point to two people without making any sound. "Thank you cupid. You may go to sleep". The cupid closes his/her eyes. "Now, the people who is tapped on the shoulder, please wake up." The people who was chosen by the cupid must wake up and see their partner. "You may now go to sleep". Both of them shut their eyes.
5. "Now, i call upon the werewolf". All the werewolf must wake up. "Choose a person you want to kill." The werewolf must decide without making any sound and point to that person. "Thank you werewolf. You may now go to sleep."
6. "Please wake up, oh great witch." The narrator will then show to the witch the person who was killed by the werewolf. "Now, choose. Do you want to save a life, kill a person, or skip the turn?" The witch will then tell the narrator his choice using sign language. For the1st turn, let us assume he/she skip the turn. "Thank you witch, you may go to sleep"
7. "As the sun rises, the villagers wakes up to see a bloody ''. Now villagers, choose a person who you would like to execute" During this, everyone in the game can open their eyes. The narrator will then announce the character of the person who was killed. (Each person who is killed can no longer play the game. He/she can only be spectator). They must all decide on a person in 2 minutes. During this time, everyone is allowed to speak either to accuse someone or to defend him/herself. When the time is up, they must then point to the person who they want to kill. The majority wins. The person who is executed can no longer play the game. The narrator will then announce the character of the person who is executed. If the person is a werewolf, then it is a good thing for the villagers. If however the person turns out to be a villager, or even worse the oracle, cupid, or witch, then it is a very bad thing for the villagers.
8. " Now, night falls again and everyone falls asleep." Everyone must close their eyes and the game starts with like before. Only the cupid will not be called to wake up because he/she has lost power. The game goes on and on until the villagers has killed all the werewolf or the werewolf have killed all the villagers.

This is a very exciting game. I played it once and was already addicted to it. Try and play it with your friends. If you have any questions, you can ask me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

PPSMI, is it a solution or a problem??

Hope everyone is happy n enjoying their life..

Today, I would like to discuss a bit on PPSMI..
PPSMI in Malay stands for Pengajaran Pembelajaran Sains & Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris,
or in English, teaching Science & Mathematics using the English language..
This has started by stages since 2003 and is still a practice in schools in Malaysia..
Since then, many Malaysians have voiced out their dissatisfaction of the policy..

First, we need to know what are the objective of the Malaysian government of implementing this..
From what I heard, it is aimed to increasing the fluency and capability of students to speak in English..
In my opinion, this is a good vision by the government but I'm not really happy with the approach of PPSMI...
My reasons are:

1) Many teachers themselves are not confident in teaching Science & Mathematics in English.
If this is the case, then how can we expect the students to understand the subject thoroughly???

2) In my opinion, I don't think that by learning Science & Math in English will help in improving the quality of English among students. This is because Science & Math are both technical subjects while English is a language subject. Aside from learning the scientific term in English (which we rarely use in our conversation), we are not improving English in any way.

3) During my time in my secondary school (SOKSEK), I was regarded as among the best student in English. But to be honest, I didn't become good in English because of what I learn in primary school. I was lucky because when I was 7 years old, my mother did her PHD in Sheffield, UK and I stayed there for 1 year. So I was able to communicate in English and hence learn the language. If a person comes to me and asked about grammar, I can help him give the answer. But if he then wants to know why I answered in that way, then I would reply "Sebab aku rasa cam sedap ja bunyi" or in English "because it sounds correct". The point I want to make is that in school during English classes, we are given the teacher would come in and explain about grammar. To me, that is not the most effective way of learning English. I didn't learn English through knowing when to use the past tense, the past participle tense and so on. I learn the language through reading n communicating in English. By doing that, I learn how to construct sentences and use correct grammar at the same time. So I think if the government really wants to improve the fluency of English in school, they should change the system i.e. the way English is tested, exams, lessons in class, syllabus.
Encourage students to read and communicate using the language. That is the best way to learn English.

To conclude, I think the PPSMI should be abolished.
That is all I want to say. Plzz give me your thoughts on this issue.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The issue in Perak

1st, I would like to say sry 4 not being able to update my blog..
It has been a hectic month due to Bangsawan..

OK, I'll go straight to the topic..
A few days ago, Malaysians were shocked with the appointment of a new MB from BN to replace YAB Datuk Seri Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin by the Sultan of Perak..
And after that, a lot has happened even until this very day...
Let me 1st explain the chronology of this story...
1) 3 ADUN of Perak decided to quit Pakatan Rakyat and  became Independent candidates.
2) ADUN Bota, Datuk Nasarudin Hasyim who recently joined PKR after quitting BN has decided to rejoin BN.
3) All 4 of them then stated their support for BN giving them enough majority to establish a government.
4) BN then went to see the Sultan of Perak to inform about BN forming a new government.
5) The Sultan of Perak did not approve of the disestablishment of Dewan Undangan Negeri but ordered YAB Nizar Jamaludin  to step down as MB.
6) Datuk Seri Nizar then sent a letter to the Sultan stating why he refuse to resign as MB.
See this link for further info on the content of this letter:
7) BN went on to appoint Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir as the MB of Perak.

That is all that I manage to collect by reading from the internet. Please let me know if you have further info on this issue.
And I would like to turn your attention to these link. Please take a look at them. (for this link, please also take a look at the comments)
Give me your opinion on this issue...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Words For My Friends...

On the 21st of January, the result for the AS level examination was out...

It was a day full of emotions....

Some people smiled and seemed happy while others cried and felt depress...

For me, my result was not as good as I had expected...

I felt really depress at that time...

How did this happen??

What had I done wrong in my examination??

These were some of the questions which filled my thought on that day...

I tried to not think about it but it was useless...

My mind couldn't let it go....

Then I realised that it's no use to feel down and depress...

To those who had the same feeling like I did on that day, here are some motivational advice to help you..

It's OK to feel down for a day or two...

That's natural for a person when facing failure...

But make sure that you snap out of it fast because being sad and despair will not solve your problems.. ...

You are only sitting on your problems if you keep doing this...

What's more important is for you to stand up and start fixing it...

Be positive...

Take this as a test from God...

This shows that He still cares and love you...

He wants to see whether you will succeed to overcome this test...

He knows what's good and what's bad for you...

Maybe this will be the motivation and thrust that you will need to achive a far greater success....

Believe in Him and always ask for His help...

I once read a book...

In that book, it talks about being a successful person..

"A successfull person is not one who achieve the most success in life...

but a successfull is a person who manage to stand up, revive and start rebuilding again after everything that he has put his effort into shattered in front of his eyes"...

Whether we realise it or not, from doing mistake and experiencing failure, we learn to be a better person than we are before...

Learning from mistake a is very important tool because it have a great impact to us...

So my advice to everyone is to learn from your mistake and stand up to be a better person...

Let us together strive for success and be the best that we can be...

Believe in yourself and NEVER GIVE UP!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

11/1/09.. My birthday

Baloons,cakes, presents, party hat...
those are some of the things that people will think about when having a birthday party..
but for me...
those things are not important..
what important is, you celebrate it with your friends and family...
Having the chance to make people happy is best thing ever..

That was just the introduction..
on this day, 11th of January, I arrived at college at around 6.30pm after coming back from playing basketball 3 on 3 at KL (we lost :( ni smua sbb x bleh training)
After Isyak prayer, I got a message from herda, my pet sis asking me to be at the cafe...
When I arrived there, Imrul was waiting for me...
He said that the others are still on their way so we waited for about 10 minutes for them to come...
When they finally arrived, Herda ask us to go to the Jap garden...
And it was there that I celebrated my birthday with my pet family...
This was the time someone other than my parents held a birthday party for me..
I was touched : P
It was the best...
Instead of the usuall cake, they had prepared cupcakes which looks awesome...
Rasa sayang plak nk mkn...
It had jersey, basketball, my favourite football team name Arsenal, the gunners symbol,and the coolest part, my name....

It was fun...
Thx to all my pet family for organising this memorable event...
You guys are the BEST!!!!

After that, we got back..
And I was preparing for another birthday party..
This time with my beloved male friends...
Just to name a few who was present..
Khalil, Azwan, Haqqa, Zul, Hamidi, Syazzy, Reno, Acap N, Zed B, Acap Z...
At 11pm, a great big banana choc cake from secret recipe was cut..
It was long till the cake was almost finished...
And as usuall, since Reno was there, there was great entertainment...
And the victim, ME!!
Siot tul Reno...
tp x pa..
It was fun....
It's not everyday that we have the chance to laugh with your friends...
Thx guys for everything...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Questions & Answers

5 things in my bag


my notes..


my black pencil case...

my medicine...

n a calculator with the casing missing.. : (

5 things in my wallet

Money of course...

My IC, driving licence...

A picture of my siblings which they force me to keep( or otherwise they will 'merajuk')

CIMB bank card..

Tickets which I kept from a trip to Kolam Air Panas Ulu Lenggong with my friends... : )

5 favourite things

my basketball...

my basketball shoes...

my basketball t-shirt..

basketball court...

And anything else to do with basketball

: P

5 things yang akan dilakukan

main FM08...

main basketball 3 on 3 ahad ni 11/1

hafal skrip Bangsawan...

study.. : P

selesaikan keja SC huhuhu

5 things yang sering dilakukan

main basketball (which has suddenly come to a halt)



topup utk org...

text messaging...

5 people yang beta nak tag

ntah la...
no one i guess..

Monday, January 5, 2009


The clock is ticking...
Every seconds pass makes me more anxious...
My time is running out...
What I percieve as the best moment of my life is finally coming to an end..
Well maybe I'm exagerating to much...
The most relaxing time of my life is going to end in a few hours..
How i wish this moment will never come..
My holiday is coming to a close and study life is opening its doors..

Well heres a summary of what mischief i have been up to for the past 1 month and 3 weeks:
1) During the 1st week of my holiday, it was quite boring. None of my friends were around so all I did was stay at home, watch television and play FM08.
Kinda dull...
Oh yes, not forgeting being employed by my mother to be a part time driver...
2) During the 2nd week, i had to go to my grandmothers house in Kuala Krai, Kelantan.
My father asked me and my brother to stay there until Hari Raya Haji to look after my grandmother who is suffering from a stroke.
It made us feel good to be able to help..
I won't lie to you, there were times we felt lazy... : P
Hey it's normal, right??
Well, at least I think we did a good job...
And during that time i manage to start studying..
Quite impressive for a person who rarely studies at home...
3) Celebrated hari Raya Aidiladha..
The best celebration we've ever had..
Very enjoying..
4) After that, nothing much happened..
Stayed at home, continue studying a bit... : P
Played basketball during the evening..
5) On the 23rd of December, we went to Muar to visit my grandmother...
Stayed there for two nights..
During that time, me and my siblings went to the A Famosa Waterpark..
Enjoying and relaxing...
And then on our way home, we went to Kl visit my relatives and sent my little brother to UTM..
6) Went on a trip with my friends..
Very exciting..
7) The last week of holidays..
My momentum of studying have faded away..
Dh x study..
And I hope that when i step my foot on KYUEM territory, my determination to study will flourish..
Wish me all the best for my A levels..

P/S: X sempat nk letak gmbo cbz kemas brg... Nnti bla2 aku upload sket.. Sry

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Resolutions!!!

Happy New Year to everyone..
2008 has closed its doors,
2009 is ahead of us with more surprises, and excitement..
Bringing us new challenges and obstacle that we must overcome...

Like everyone else, i would like to write my new year short term and long term plan..
The short term meaning I must achieve it before 2009 comes to an end..
and the long term plan must be successfully accomplished when I am all grown up..
Probably 10-20 years from now..

Ok lets start with my short term plan:
1. To obtain all A's in my A level examination.
2. To start saving RM 100 a month.
3. To start selling something other than topup :P (dh penat jual topup)
4. To be a better basketball player. ( Basketball is truth!!)
5. To become a better Muslim than I am today.
6. To widen my knowledge on current issues i.e. politics, economics, global.

Now for my long term plan:
1. To become a successful business man in the housing and property market. (Which one that interest me)
2. To continue playing basketball and to be a basketball coach :P
3. To help donating to the community especially to Muslims who are in need. eg. the Palestinians :' (
4. To participate actively in NGOs to help the community
5. To have a happy family hehehe
6. To promote Islam to others.

That's done
Now I have a wish list that i wish to share with all of you.
This wish list is about what I hope will happen in the future...
To be precise, it's my 'doa' (prayer) for changes to the world.

My wish list:
I hope that..
1. Muslims around the world will stand up and be brave to defend their fellow Muslim and what is right (the issues in Palestine, Ambon, Afghanistan, Iraq)
2. The cruel treatment of the Israel to the Palestinian will stop and to all other Muslim countries.
3. The ISA will be abolished!!!
4. Islam will rise and be successful in all aspect and field

If we believe in our dreams and strive towards it with all our might, I'm sure that it will come true...

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ~Eleanor Roosevelt~