Monday, October 12, 2009

Basketball Try Out Overview

The last try out was held on Monday and Tuesday morning, at 7 am!
I had to wake up early and it was really frustrating..
I was jealous of Faiz who can lay in bed for another hour..
It is very cold during the morning in Southampton and I have to endure it while feeling very sleepy..
I arrived early and had to wait before the Sport Complex was opened..
By 6.55 am, the main door to the Sport Complex was packed with basketball players..
People passing by was shocked to see a lot of people so early in the morning..
At 7 am, the Sport Complex was opened and the try out started..
To cut things short, I passed the try out on Monday but I failed during the last and final try out which was on Tuesday..
It was disappointing to be able to go this far and fail..
Huhuhu : (

However, I will not give up!!!
I will try again next year..
I will practice and improve my skills..
This will be a motivation for me to become better in this sport..
This is not the end!!


mira_bandung89 said...

dolly!! i salut u dowh! dolly,the soton basketball has a ring to it =P gud lak kat sane

tunsyed10 said...

I'm not yet a soton player
but insyallah I will be..
one day

hariz said...

dollah, muzzien dalam team tak? haha