Monday, October 12, 2009

Math Question

You borrowed RM25 from your mom and RM25 from your dad.
So the total money you borrowed is RM50, correct?
Then, you spend RM45 on clothes and so you are left with RM5.
You decide to return RM1 to each of your parents, so you give your mom RM1 and you also give your dad RM1.
Now, you owe RM24 to both your mom and dad. You are left with RM3 in your pocket.

RM24 x 2 = RM48
RM48 + RM3 = RM51
Where did the RM1 came from?

Try to solve this. It really is a brain teaser.
If you get the answer, post a comment in this topic.
Have fun!! : P


imanmanan said...

credit and cash transaction are treated separately. why bother adding 3 to 48? 48 is the amount in arrears, NOT the amount held in hand. 3 IS the amount held in hand.

circulation of money:
1) 50 at the person

2) 45 at the cashier
5 at the person

3) 45 at the cashier
3 at the person
1 at mom
1 at dad

amount in arrears pusing kot mana pun, 25 each. tp dah bayar, jd 24 each.

Z said...

erm..when reading this the first time it sure does seems a bit confusing at first, but when you give a second though on it you will see what is wrong actually..
well simply said that the total amount of money should be counted using the formula: amount amount
spent + balance
not amount amount
debt + balanced
using the right formula you will get : 45(pay to cashier) + 2(pay
to parents) + 3(balance)
= 50

imanmanan said...

woi dolah, dapat tak team basketball soton? perrgghhh... haha

Anonymous said...

rm48=rm45(for the thing)+ rm3( the balance u have)

its not sum both of them >.<

lampard said...

haha the trick is so simple..

it begins when u start to give each of ur parent rm1 each, while u keep another rm1 to urself.

why bother give rm1 each while u shud give them rm1.50 instead..

this is where the rm1 came from..haha,. nice2

AbgBeCA said...

awat duit mak hg ngn pak hg nak campoq,mana ble

tunsyed10 said...

to abg beca:
Apasal x bleh plak??

tunsyed10 said...

to lampard:
I don't get ur solution...

apa la.... said...

bek hg xpayah bli baju...
pastu bg blek ja kat mak ngan pak hg sringgit sorang...
pastu hg kira blek mcm td...

xka hg buta ja dapat
RM 46....

lampard said...

i see..u dont get what i mean.

u got balance in ur hand rm3 rite? it's ur parent's obviously..none of them is yours.

but, instead of giving ur parent all of the money, u kept rm 1 with u..why??

suppose u give them equally rm 1.50 each, that would mean the remaining debt is
rm 25.00-rm 1.50= rm23.50

now, 23.50 x 2 = rm 47.00

rm 47.00 + rm 3.00 = rm 50.00

ain't it?

clearly now u see..the trick begin when u kept rm 1 to urself..
had u given out all the rm3 money to ur parents, the trick couldnt happen..hehe

tunsyed10 said...

that is correct

Thriller said...

bro, ni bukan similar dgn soalan yg kat Noodle Oodle tu ke? haha

kayko said...

saya nak jawab soalan ni dgn soalan:
apakah munasabahnya menambah 48 dgn 3?

itulah jawapannya. ringkas dan tepat sekali.

Anonymous said...

hmm i do agree withyou kyoko..
it sounds like a silly Q 2 me...
it's not a brain teaser at all
sorry yeah...
but it's d truth

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