Monday, October 12, 2009

Math Question

You borrowed RM25 from your mom and RM25 from your dad.
So the total money you borrowed is RM50, correct?
Then, you spend RM45 on clothes and so you are left with RM5.
You decide to return RM1 to each of your parents, so you give your mom RM1 and you also give your dad RM1.
Now, you owe RM24 to both your mom and dad. You are left with RM3 in your pocket.

RM24 x 2 = RM48
RM48 + RM3 = RM51
Where did the RM1 came from?

Try to solve this. It really is a brain teaser.
If you get the answer, post a comment in this topic.
Have fun!! : P

Basketball Try Out Overview

The last try out was held on Monday and Tuesday morning, at 7 am!
I had to wake up early and it was really frustrating..
I was jealous of Faiz who can lay in bed for another hour..
It is very cold during the morning in Southampton and I have to endure it while feeling very sleepy..
I arrived early and had to wait before the Sport Complex was opened..
By 6.55 am, the main door to the Sport Complex was packed with basketball players..
People passing by was shocked to see a lot of people so early in the morning..
At 7 am, the Sport Complex was opened and the try out started..
To cut things short, I passed the try out on Monday but I failed during the last and final try out which was on Tuesday..
It was disappointing to be able to go this far and fail..
Huhuhu : (

However, I will not give up!!!
I will try again next year..
I will practice and improve my skills..
This will be a motivation for me to become better in this sport..
This is not the end!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

2nd Basketball Tryout

The try-out started at 12pm. I had to rush a bit because I went to a car boot sale during the morning and arrived at my room at 10.30am. However, I managed to arrive there quite early and had a little practice before the try-out started.
Today, the Southampton basketball coach was around to observe and select us. He first asked us to do some layup drills to get us warmed up. Then, he split us into 10 teams to play 5 on 5 half court. The team that score first win and the losing team will be replaced by another team. It was hard since there was not a lot of space to take advantage of. After that we were required to play 5 on 5 full court. It was intense and very tiring since we have to run up and down the court for 5 minutes. I played OK and I was really feeling good about myself.
Then, came the most awaited time. The coach will call out the people who did not make it. Alhamdulillah, I was not one of them. Yahoooooo!!!
Tomorrow we will have practice at 7am. Huhuhu I have to get up early.
The coach will then assess us again during training and will cut 10 more people on Tuesday. That will be the day which will determine whether I am qualified to be a member of the Southampton Basketball team.
Pray for my success please.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Basketball Try-out

Today I went for the Southampton basketball try out. It was really exciting to see so many basketball players in the campus. Many of them has lots of skill and are really good.
The trials started at 11.00. 1st, we were told to do some basic drills i.e. lay-ups and shots. And then we had a one on one match and a two on one match.
We were then told to play 4 on 4 half court matches. This is when things started to get hard. It was clear that I was the weakest player. Huhuhu
They were really good. I was getting tired and couldn't play very well. Then it got even harder as we were told to play 5 on 5 full court. I was exhausted by then since I have to run up and down the court.
However, I qualified for the 2nd round of the selection. Alhamdulillah. I was really thankful to Allah for giving me this opportunity. It will be held tomorrow at 12 noon.
I hope I can better tomorrow. Pray for me.