Sunday, May 10, 2009

7 May - Black Malaysia Day

This day should be considered a black day for Malaysia. The event that happened on this day is a disgrace to all Malaysians.
To those of you who are not aware of this situation, let me brief you a little about what had happened on that day:
1. The first state assembly sitting since the Pakatan Rakyat state government was ousted in February was held on this day. The BN formed government in Perak lead by Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir wanted to table a motion to oust the current Speaker V Sivakumar in this sitting.
2. Before the sitting started, the Speaker ordered Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six excos who was suspended to leave the assembly. They refused which lead to some mouth fights between the Pakatan reps and the BN reps.
3. Datuk Zambry then asked to table a motion to oust the Speaker but was refused by the Speaker since he said he will not start the assembly until all those who are suspended leave.
4. The Deputy Speaker, Hee Yit Foong then said that she was in charged and she ordered Sivakumar to leave the assembly. Datuk Zambry then tabled the motion to oust Sivakumar and obtained the support from all BN reps.
5. Sivakumar then said that the motion was not legitimate since he was still there.
6. After a few hours, police came in to forcefully remove the Speaker from his seat. He was then replaced by the BN elected Speaker R Ganesan.
7. Meanwhile, outside the Secretariat Building, bystanders and protesters were arrested for being in 500m of the fence, which was placed by the police. Those who were only drinking in a restaurant nearby were also arrested.

For more info about this event you can go to
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From the events which happened, it is clear to us that democracy in Malaysia is not practiced fully. This is an act of destroying the constitution, the law and the parliamentary traditions. It seems that we are more of an autocratic country than a democratic country. Force is used to enable the BN government to take over the Perak state. Yeah, you can be proud of doing such a coward thing. Celebrate all you want. You won't obtain the respect of other people by obtaining power using that method. It makes me disgusted.
Furthermore, it always makes me wonder, who is the police force working for?? The country or the BN government?? And why is it always the Pakatan reps who are given a tough time by the police?? From my observations, the police force are not working for the country to protect the people but are working for the BN government to hurt the people. They are like brutes who just want to bully the weak. Don't they have crimes to worry about than carrying out arrest of peaceful protesters??? What is wrong with wearing black clothes to protest?? What harm can it do to other people?? We should have the right to wear whatever clothes we want as long as it is decent. No one has the right to strip us of this right.
Another question that should be raised is why does the BN so afraid of dissolving the assembly and call for fresh elections?? Is it because they are afraid of losing in the election?? Only they know the answer.
On the whole,I think that it would be wise to dissolve the assembly and give the power to Perakians to decide who they want to represent them. Even though it is time consuming, this is the only way that peace can be installed back in Perak. The sooner this ends the better for the benefit of Perak.
The government can use force to control our actions and speech but they do not have the power to control our minds and thoughts. I hope that you can give me your opinion on this matter.


Nyama Chow Hee Bai said...

That is why... next time, people, make sure you vote in a properly educated person as MP. Pakatan also another one... this muka-puki.berkedut cinapeckersaurus washerwoman vegetable seller type, noodle stall chap faan helper cum coffee shop drinks mixer, jamban jaga, or pasar malam underwear seller fatty-samfoo karang guni old newspaper also can become MP. For goodness sake, next time, look at their education level lah!

tunsyed10 said...

I don't really get your point..
especially the very long sentence..
Can you explain a bit plzz...