Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Theory of Interdependence of Decision Making

When we open our physic text book, we will encounter the many theories made by man.. Let's take one example, the 1st Law of thermodynamics..
Correct me if I'm wrong, this law states that the increase in the internal energy of a gas is equal to the sum of the heat enrgy supplied to it and the work done on it..
This is one of many laws in physic...

Then, when we feel bored of reading physic, we decide to study economics since we haven't 'mastered' it yet..
We will still fond many theories such as the ' theory of contestable market', the 'theory of the firms' and many more..
How did they make all this theories??

Have you ever since the sitcom 'How I met your mother'??
If you have not seen it, I suggest you find it and watch it..
It is extremely funny..
I personally like Barney, the character never failed to amuse me with his theories about girls, the 'Bro code' and many others..
It shows that you can make any theory you want, even though it is silly..

Now, I would to introduce one theory that I made...
I haven't given it a catchy name..
The Theory of Interdependence of Decision Making

This theory states that the decision of one person is affected by the decision of another person.
However, there are a few assumptions to be taken into account.
1. The person must share a high degree of friendship with one another.
2. Both person must be of in close contact with one another. However, since the introduction of telephones, mobile phones and internet, this assumption can be neglected.
3. Both of them must be facing the same choices.

X and Y is deciding whether to go to class or not. Hence if X decides not to go to class, then Y will also decide not to go to class.

This theory is applicable to almost all decision making situations where two people exist. It can be used to explain why a person acts that way.
So now if you are punished for not going to class, you can use the theory if interdependence if decision making as an excuse. : P


Anonymous said...

I do wish to see your latest killer post aout anything

Mkin said...

Of course any one can make a theory. It is simply an assumption on some situation (doesn't matter if its true or false). Just so you know =P

Interesting theory though, but not always true... and FYI assumption 2 cannot be neglected (proven by attendance to Mr B's math class on Monday xp)