Monday, April 20, 2009

Garnet House Trip 'Pangkor Island'

Tired but lots of fun...

Friday, 17th of April
-Started our journey at around 2.45pm. 2 buses consisting of around 80 enthusiastic Garnetors were traveling towards the Lumut Port.

-Arrived at Lumut at 6.30 pm. We were given 45 minutes to stroll around. My friends and I decided to go and have roti canai since our stomach were already grumbling. Izuan an Amir ordered 2 roti canai kosong, while Anuar ordered 1 roti telur. Since I was not as hungry as Izuan and Amir, I only ordered 1 roti canai kosong but made it special by telling the mamak "kuah banjir taruk atas". 15 minutes later, my friends roti canai arrived but my special roti canai kuah banjir taruk atas was nowhere to be seen. I was getting restless. My friends have already finished their food. I put on an angry face and said to the mamak "Mamak, roti canai saya mana? Kwn saya dh abis makan, saya x dpt2 lg". The Mamak apologised to me and quickly went to tell the other Mamak who was cooking. I said to the Mamak, "Kuah banjir taruk atas tau". I was determined to get my specil roti canai. I did not have to wait long. Minutes later, my roti canai kuah banjir was served. My anger faded away with every bite of the roti canai.

-We then headed for Pangkor Island. The most enjoyable time was during our mini bus trip to our resort. The bus was very hot. No air-conditioning and it was packed. But, that was forgotten when we were on our way. We had a roller coaster ride when the bus was going up and down the hills. It was very slow when it was going uphill and I thought that we were going to go bakswards downhill at some point. But the skill of the driver did not permit that. When it was finally time to go downhill, it went very fast (well it seemed fast after a very slow uphill task : P). All the Garnertors in the bus went crazy screaming as the bus went down. It was very fun.

-We arrived at the Suria Resort. We got into our rooms and then had our dinner. After that, all of us decided to go to the beach. It was only a minute walk from our resort. Some of us had their own 'Johari window' session, some played 'pepsi cola' while others just walked across the beach. It felt really great and relaxing. At 12 midnight, Pn Halijah ordered us to went back to the resort. I watcheda tv show and then went to sleep.

Saturday, 18th of April
-We went to the Giam Island. It was not very far from the beach. As we arrived, many decided to just jump to the sea and have a bath. A few minor injuries occured when some of us had deep cuts because of the sea shells on rocks which was very sharp. Then, the tour guide gave us a lesson on how to do snorkelling. Many looked enthusiastic to learn. At around 11, we were sent to the snorkelling spot. I was not so excited because I couldn't snorkel due to the operation in my ear. So did not know what they saw when they snorkelled there. But I managed to get the experience of holding a living 'Gamat'. It felt like I was holding a big fat jelly. Then we headed back to our campsite. The boys had to walk there so we had our own mini jungle trekking with our bare footed because we did not bring along our slippers when we went to the snorkelling site.
Then we had our lunch. It felt great having a picnic at the beach with the wind and the sound of the ocean. Suddenly while I was eating, something got into my eye. It was painful. At first I thought it will go away in a few minutes but it did not. My friends gave many suggestions on how to get rid of it but all of them failed. I endured the pain while eating. I ate with my eyes closed. Huhuhuhu after about an hour ( I think because it felt so long), Mr Azman suggested to me to go and dip my eye in the sea. And it worked. I was grateful to him and Moja for helpin me out. Now I know how it feels to be blind.

-During the evening we headed back to our beach at Pulau Pangkor. Some of us decided to go on a banana boat ride which looked fun. I could just watched from the beach. : (
Then, my friends and I decided to go kayakking. We took 4 kayak and went back to Pulau Giam just for fun. Then I suggested to them to race back to the beach. The agreed. Four kayak was lined up ready to roll, consisting of me-izuan pilus, zul-amir, izzat-syafiq and najah-farah hazwani. On your mark, get set...GOOO and the race started. Each team was determined to win. Najah and Farah Hazwani was in front since we gave them a head start. My kayak was having a tough time bumping with Zul's kayak. Nevertheless, we manage to endure it and sped straight towards the beach to over take najah's kayak. With some very bad manouvering skills, we finally managed to overtake them and win the race. Yahoooooooooooooo. : P

-After that we decided to build our very own sand castle. Just one word to describe it. Disastrous. With no planning, our castle looked like a tank made of sand. I think we should have asked for some girl's touch. Hehehe

- During the night, we had a barbeque. The fish was very delicious. Then we were asked to go to the beach for our very own Survivor. When we arrived there, a big campfire was burning in the middle. Every group was placed at a candle situated around the campifire. It was amazing. Feels like 'Samurai Night'. Hehehe We had many activities. Water war, telefon berkarat, eating competition, and many more. And in almost every activity, almost every group cheated. What do you expect?? It was in the middle of the night. Hehehe The team that cheated the most manage to win : P Overall, it was fun even though we were exhausted after that.

Sunday, 19th of April
- We had our breakfast. But Izuan, Iman and I was not satisfied so we went for a second breakfast at a restaurant nearby. We ate nasi lemak which was very very spicy but delicious. I was sweating while eating because of the spice. Then we went for a stroll at the beach. After that, we decided to do some shopping. I bought some souvenirs and then headed back to the resort because it was raining.

-We then headed back to the port after having our lunch. We experienced the roller coaster ride once again. Hehehe We then boarded a ferry which has an open space at the back. This was soon packed with KYUEM's students taking pictures and enjoying the scenery. When we arrived at the Lumut Port, we were given some time to do some final shopping and thenwe headed for our beloved college.

Overall, it was very enjoying, fun, relaxing and exciting. Thx to the commitee for doing a wonderful job. May this be the mark for the rise of the House of Garnet. Go GARNET!!!!!
P/S: currently still searching for photos. I will upload them as soon as possible...

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