Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Resolutions!!!

Happy New Year to everyone..
2008 has closed its doors,
2009 is ahead of us with more surprises, and excitement..
Bringing us new challenges and obstacle that we must overcome...

Like everyone else, i would like to write my new year short term and long term plan..
The short term meaning I must achieve it before 2009 comes to an end..
and the long term plan must be successfully accomplished when I am all grown up..
Probably 10-20 years from now..

Ok lets start with my short term plan:
1. To obtain all A's in my A level examination.
2. To start saving RM 100 a month.
3. To start selling something other than topup :P (dh penat jual topup)
4. To be a better basketball player. ( Basketball is truth!!)
5. To become a better Muslim than I am today.
6. To widen my knowledge on current issues i.e. politics, economics, global.

Now for my long term plan:
1. To become a successful business man in the housing and property market. (Which one that interest me)
2. To continue playing basketball and to be a basketball coach :P
3. To help donating to the community especially to Muslims who are in need. eg. the Palestinians :' (
4. To participate actively in NGOs to help the community
5. To have a happy family hehehe
6. To promote Islam to others.

That's done
Now I have a wish list that i wish to share with all of you.
This wish list is about what I hope will happen in the future...
To be precise, it's my 'doa' (prayer) for changes to the world.

My wish list:
I hope that..
1. Muslims around the world will stand up and be brave to defend their fellow Muslim and what is right (the issues in Palestine, Ambon, Afghanistan, Iraq)
2. The cruel treatment of the Israel to the Palestinian will stop and to all other Muslim countries.
3. The ISA will be abolished!!!
4. Islam will rise and be successful in all aspect and field

If we believe in our dreams and strive towards it with all our might, I'm sure that it will come true...

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ~Eleanor Roosevelt~

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wah,tak ku sangka ada jugak org yg ada impian mcm aku.
tp goal hg nk masuk dlm real estate property hny jd angan2 aku la ni.
tp kalau hg boleh reach goal 2,aku akn hepi,cz ada gak org yg aku kenal buat benda tu.
sheeesh,emo pulak.
btw,good luck!