Monday, January 5, 2009


The clock is ticking...
Every seconds pass makes me more anxious...
My time is running out...
What I percieve as the best moment of my life is finally coming to an end..
Well maybe I'm exagerating to much...
The most relaxing time of my life is going to end in a few hours..
How i wish this moment will never come..
My holiday is coming to a close and study life is opening its doors..

Well heres a summary of what mischief i have been up to for the past 1 month and 3 weeks:
1) During the 1st week of my holiday, it was quite boring. None of my friends were around so all I did was stay at home, watch television and play FM08.
Kinda dull...
Oh yes, not forgeting being employed by my mother to be a part time driver...
2) During the 2nd week, i had to go to my grandmothers house in Kuala Krai, Kelantan.
My father asked me and my brother to stay there until Hari Raya Haji to look after my grandmother who is suffering from a stroke.
It made us feel good to be able to help..
I won't lie to you, there were times we felt lazy... : P
Hey it's normal, right??
Well, at least I think we did a good job...
And during that time i manage to start studying..
Quite impressive for a person who rarely studies at home...
3) Celebrated hari Raya Aidiladha..
The best celebration we've ever had..
Very enjoying..
4) After that, nothing much happened..
Stayed at home, continue studying a bit... : P
Played basketball during the evening..
5) On the 23rd of December, we went to Muar to visit my grandmother...
Stayed there for two nights..
During that time, me and my siblings went to the A Famosa Waterpark..
Enjoying and relaxing...
And then on our way home, we went to Kl visit my relatives and sent my little brother to UTM..
6) Went on a trip with my friends..
Very exciting..
7) The last week of holidays..
My momentum of studying have faded away..
Dh x study..
And I hope that when i step my foot on KYUEM territory, my determination to study will flourish..
Wish me all the best for my A levels..

P/S: X sempat nk letak gmbo cbz kemas brg... Nnti bla2 aku upload sket.. Sry

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wan said...

slamat hari tua bro haha