Thursday, November 27, 2008

My life as a driver

one the best time for a students...
but it could sometimes be the most boring time of your life..
it all depends on how you plan your holiday...
Kalo keja dk asyik mngadap pc, internet n tv ja mmg bosan la...
bak kata Arif, 'x da LIFE!!!!'

For the past few days, I haven't done anything really interesting...
just the usual stuff...
plus taking a job as a driver under the FAMA company..
because of the current economic situation which is still unpredictable, my wage have been cut down to zero...
in other words, I'm working for free..
n because there are no powerful unions for this job, I was unable to obtain any increase in my wage...

Well, my job seems simple at first..
Best gk la brjalan sana cni tgk prubahan kt penang..
but after a few days, my job turned out to be more tiring than i thought....
Today was the most hectic..

At 8.15 am
I woke up (aku dh bgn semayang Subuh n sambung tdo blik, tdo agk lmbt smlm)
Had my bath n ate breakfast (nasik lemak, one of my favourites)

8.45 am
Sent my little brother to the British Council for his English class..
Agk jauh la...
Paling laju aku prnh wt 20 minit..
Alhamdulillah x kn tahan ngn polis masa diorg wt roadblock..

9.15 am
Went to Mutiara Gemilang Computer Centre to get my laptop fix..
i was there for about 3 hours..
Siap sempat p Lorong Kulit bli bju Arsenal, murah lak 2..
but anyway, i was relieved that my laptop was saved...
x payah nk bli laptop bru...
So I will have more disposable income that i can use to buy something else..

1.00 pm
Arrived home...
Had my lunch n then pa lg, main game la...

2.50 pm
My brother wants to go to the driving academy...
my little sister was not feeling well and wants to go to the clinic..
So once again I have to sit behind the wheels n drive them to their respective destinations..

3.30 pm
Went to order pasembor n carrot cheese cake for this coming Saturday..
My mother's friends are coming so my mom is planning a small 'minum petang'...
Can't wait to eat pasembor..

4.15 pm
Went to pick my little brother at the British Council..
We arrived early so I managed to get some sleep while waiting for him..
Ngantuk gila....

5.30 pm
Arrived home at last...
Aku trus mencari katil yg trdekat n trjun atas katil..
managed to experience free fall for a second..

Yesterday is history...
Tomorrow is a mystery..
n today is a gift..
Hope that the mystery is better than the gift...


Anonymous said...

e2 dia,i doubt that cheese cake is for the mak cik.Have a nasty feeling that it's for u-dgr kata dollah suka cheese cake(suara bbisik)
aku rindu penang.tlg mkn laksa bg pihak aku

tunsyed10 said...

utk kwn mk aku la..
x tipu...
aku just mkn lebihan makanan yg x abs..