Friday, August 1, 2008

DOE- The Ultimate Physical Test

elo..'s now the end of another busy week... Last Saturday, I went for the DOE expedition. We had to walk for about 23 km in two days. On the first day, we had to walk for 5 km to our campsite but on the 2nd day, we had to walk for 18 km! Sounds tiring? It really is. You should try it someday to know how hard it feels. During the night, we had to shelter ourselves from the rain. It was pouring all night long. We could not do any activities except for talking and making jokes. Hehehe. On the good side of it, the rain made us comfortable during our sleep. It was really cozy in the tent so slept like logs. Hehehe. 
The food that we cook was nice too. Even though it was just instant noodles n soup, it really was very delicious thx to the skills of the cooks. And the best part during this expedition was when we took a bath at the hot spring. Wooo. It really was relaxing. It made my foot feel a lot better after having to walk a very long distance in the rain. I hope one day they will build a hot spring in KYUEM. It would be fantastic. Hehehe
Next week will be a very exciting week. I'll be playing in the Basketball Interhouse Finals. Garnet(which my house) vs Diamond. Please pray for our success. 
That's all for now. Bye2

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Anonymous said...

hot spring kat KYUEM?pada la Dolah, kt Jepun yg melambak hot spring pun belum ada kolej kt sn yg wat sniri2 pny hot spring