Friday, July 25, 2008


hi guys. I'm back. Sry for not updating it during this past few days. Today, I would like to promote another Japanese drama which is entitled Dragon Zakura. It is about a lawyer who wants to send 5 students to Tokyo University ( Todai). One problem is, this school is always being perceive as a 'stupid' school. No one have ever gone to Todai before and the thought of these students wanting to go to Todai have always been a joke. Even so, this lawyer made an invitation to any students who wish to change and make a U turn in their life. Will any student accept his offer?? That I'll leave it to you to find out.
This is a very interesting drama. It is not the usual drama which has lots of romance and stuff. This story is more on showing how with a lot of effort, you can achive your goals. This drama teaches the basic technique for revision and study. It also shows how good teaching technique is essentialt in forming an interest from the student and thus shows the importance of teachers. It shows how a good teacher should be. For those of you who are going to be a teacher, make sure you watch this drama before you even start teaching. It would be helpful to you and your future students. In this drama, it also shows that support from the family especially the parents, is very crucial. 
Overall, this drama has provided me with the boost I need to study harder in order to achieve a good result in the A-Level examinations which is in 1 year time. I am very thankful that I have had the chance to watch this drama before I started my new semester. It made me realize on the importance of doing your best and sacrificing things that are not important to achieve a result that could be the turning point of your life. Think about it for awhile. 
To end this, I would to wish all the best to all my friends out there and also to all the readers of my blog. I hope that we will all succeed in our life.

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