Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Today, I have finished watching a very interesting Japanese drama series entitled ' Proposal Daisakusen'. I recommend it to all of you out there to watch this. You won't regret it. Hehe
Well, i got interested to it because of its storyline, the cute and beautiful female actress : P, the way they act, the culture of the Japanese, and the way they convey moral values to the audience which really struck me in the heart. I finished watching all 12 episode plus 1 special episode in just to days (my best record ever, although i know some of you might have finished it in just 1 night).
Anyway, after finished watching it, I thought to myself for a while. In the drama, the main character has 4 best friend. They always do things together and enjoyed themselves together. Although they were hard times, they still stick together and help each other. I know some of may say that it's just an act, but to me, I think it really is something to be thought about.
Friendship should not be taken for granted. No matter who you are, friends will always be very important to you. They are the one besides your parents who have brought you up to become who you are right now and I think that is something to be grateful of.
When thinking back about my school days, I will always smile and laugh all by myself ( I'm not insane). Remembering all those days we had at school and enjoying ourselves with not many things to worry about made me realize how important friends are. If it was not for them, school would be very boring. Just books being your company is not something very interesting.
So to conclude my long speech, I would to say THANK YOU to all my friends out there. Have an enjoyable life and I hope we will meet again someday. Do keep in contact.
Basketball is truth hehehe


Anonymous said...

wow..corean drama enhtutiast!! have you watch Hanakimi drama..if you don't, try to watch it...its suitable to a romantic heart like you..what a crap!!haha

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Hanazakari no Kimi Tachie, My Boss My Hero, Hana Yori Dango. Sila la tonton. Sgt best!

tunsyed10 said...

mmg dh plan nk tgk..
slow2 la...
do u guys know where i can download them for free???

-azwanbakhtiar- said...

suma cita tu sgt best..
hg igt g x cita nobuta wo produce?

nk download free?

mai la utp..