Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Holidays. The most exciting word for a student. This is the time for us to relax and enjoy life. No books, no assignment or homework, no alarm clocks, no timetables, no faces of your 'beloved' teachers. This is the time when your pillows, bed, television, pc, and playstation rule your life and becomes your bestfriend.
Fun as it may seem, for me, holidays can sometimes be very boring. I am now 2 weeks away from ending my holidays but still, I feel that I have wasted my time very much. Inefficiency has become my daily routine. Everyday I woke up and straight away went to the pc to check the internet( that is, after I have had my bath). After about half an hour or so, I would then start playing Football Manager 2008 ( the most addicted game that I have ever played in my life, I do not know why) for 4-6 hours. When I thought about it, I felt really ashamed of myself. But the next day, I still repeated the same thing. Making changes to your life is very difficult if you know what I mean. Huhuhuhu
Even so, I will still keep on trying. Starting from tommorow, I will stop playing FM08. No more! I have wasted my time enough. Efficiency will start tommorow. Hehehe


sayed said...

salam., dolah~!

berblog sudeh kamu yer..

dgn bangganya saya mngumumkan bhw sy telah merasmikan ruangan komen anda..

promotla link kat bloggers kyuem..

Anonymous said...

Fazril..haha..nice blog..
I played FM08 too..i played till year 2011 I thougth..become addicted to it is a daily routine..6 to 8 hour a day..
good luck!!

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