Monday, October 27, 2008

Basketball Friendly

Result & report 4 the KYUEM team during the basketball friendly games at SAS:
25 th October, 5.45pm:
This was the first game 4 KYUEM. KMS had a few girl's supporters with them while KYUEM had none which effected the morale of the KYUEM players. It was a tense game during the 1st quater. KYUEM didn't play very well and was unable to cope with KMS's offensive strategy. KMS used this opportunity to score and when the 1st quarter ended, KMS was leading KYUEM by 7-2. During the 2nd quarter, the game made a U-turn and was controlled by a high spirited KYUEM team. The score margin was narrowed and KYUEM finally manage to take the lead. The lead made KYUEM feel relaxed and KMS tried to use this chance to take the lead again but they failed. In the end, KYUEM won with a score of 31-21.

KYUEM players' words b4 the game:
- Weh, pesal seksi sgt jersey kta??
- Korg serius ka nk pkai jersey ni??
- Ni jersey kurun ke brapa ni??
- Waa, tuuttt (nama trpksa dirahsiakan) comel gla pkai jersey kolej

26th October, 9.30am:
KYUEM took the lead during the 1st quarter. They played very well probably because of the presence of nab and ika (KYUEM's greatest cheering duo) and the KMB defense failed to cope with their attacks. KYUEM controlled the game for almost every minute of the game. Credit should be given to Acap for his superb performance which paralyzed the KMB players. KYUEM won 40-29.

KYUEM players' words b4 the game:
- Mana bdk KMB ni??
- Gla ah. Warming up lg lama dr main.
- Aku dh lapo ni ( x breakfast lg masa 2 )
- Laa, nape bdk KMB x bwk supporter pmpuan?? Kecewa2

26th October, 12.30pm
Exteremely hot. That was how the weather was during the game. The game started with KYUEM leading the game. SAS gave a good fight and made a comeback during the 2nd quarter. However, some of their players played roughly. Many fouls was given during this game which showed how tense it was. When the 3rd quarter ended, KYUEM was still leading 20-17. The 4th quarter was the final moment of the game and SAS and KYUEM did all their best to attack and defend. Both team did not want to give up. However, with 1 minutes 30 seconds remaining, SAS managed to take the lead by 2 points. KYUEM was determined to get back the lead but a last minute foul gave SAS 2 free throws. SAS managed to score 1 of them and made the margin 3 points. With only 9 seconds left on the clock, KYUEM quickly attacked and tried to shoot a 3 pointer but Faris shot did not went into the hoop. So KYUEM lost to SAS 22-25. There was a controversy during the end of the 2nd quarter when Zed B fired a last second 3 point shot just as the referee was blowing his whistle and it went in. But the referee did not alowed the shot. If that was counted, the result of the game could have been different.

Some controversial words uttered during the game:
SAS player: Rileks, diorg dh tua. Kita muda lg.
Bdk no.12 UIA: Hah, blasah ja diorg. Bg siku sket. (UIA support SAS)
KYUEM player: Weh, x kn nk kalah ngn bdk2 kot.
KYUEM player: Uih, gla ah. Diorg mcm machine. Main cm askar. Teng pn kalah.

26th October, 5.30pm:
Many KYUEM players had to go back early and hence they decided to forfeit the match.

Reasons given by KYUEM players:
-Aku nk kna blik umh la. Ada open house.
-Kaki aku krem. X tau bleh main ke x ptg ni.
-Aku pnat gla. Kaki aku sakit ah.
-Aku lapo la. Jom p alamanda.
-Ngntuk2. ZZzzzzzz

On the whole, for me, it was a very exciting experience. I would like to give my thanks to every basketball players and supporters of KYUEM who came during the game. You guys are the best!! I hope that we can continue this performance during the Sports & Charity Carnival and make KYUEM proud.

Special thx:
Teng- support mineral water
Zed B- support transport
Reno- penceria keadaan
Acap- jd physio masa aku krem
Zaim- kehadiran mngejut
Maba- penunjuk arah 1
Faris- penunjuk arah 2
Jakim- support transport & negotiator
Jijol- support transport & mineral water
Daeng- pmbantu physio masa aku krem
Nab- team manager, pmberi semangat KYUEM and support air
Iqa- team manager, pemberi semangat KYUEM and support air


rika kUn said...

kau seksi ke pakai jersi???


tunsyed10 said...

bkn aku yg ckp bnda 2...
ada la bdk2 KYUEM hehe

rika kUn said...

amboi dolly...
hehe..kejap2 love,kejap2 seksi laa pulak..kejap2 haa ponteng klas mechanics.aku yang tido pukul 3+ pun g klas tau..haha..

taulah angau bercinta XP

ieqa_aziz said...

dolly has a gf. whee3.

ieqa_aziz said...

wheee3. thril2. ade name iqa kat bloq dolly. whee3. XDDD

tunsyed10 said...

to ieqa:
i love basketball sooo much...
motto idup: basketball is truth : P

Anonymous said...

nak announce:team aku menang basketball game for Intervarsity games among Malaysian student.
aku jd defender=main pas n rampas bola with no dribble.betolkah ejaan dribble 2?

tunsyed10 said...

mantap ah hg...
idup bdk basketball soksek