Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Generation (Poem)

A few weeks back, I was told by my beloved IELTS teacher Mrs Foord to create an English poem about my generation.

My first impression was " Hah?? Aku mana reti. BM bleh la. Cmna nk goreng ni?".

But since it is compulsory, I had no choice but to give it a try.

It was really hard to 'goreng' the words since it is in English.

I used my best technique to 'goreng' and here is what I come out with.

Hope you enjoy it....

My Generation

My generation,

Young and enthusiastic,

Full of spirit and wonderful ideas,

Your heart is pure and innocent,

Yet so difficult and easy to manipulate,

My generation,

You hold the key to future success,

Destined for greatness and extraordinary achievement,

No one can deny this fate,

Except you who struggle to believe in it,

My generation,

Strive for self-independence,

You walk the Earth with your heads high up,

Confident about what lies in front of you,

But you fail to detect,

The hidden dangers ahead of you,


Anonymous said...

My Generation
We have passed the doraemon, Sailormoon and Power Rangers era
Together we have experience the childhood
Some remember it as the most sweet part of their live
some had had it plainly
and some had it difficult
ignore our background
and then
we entered our teen
make up, smoking, vandalizing, hanging out
Latino telenovela, handsome Pinoy, exotic Thais dominate our tv programme
in game arena we enjoys garena, dota, cake mania and zuma
o my generation
we had had all good things in live
we had had bad things too
it's the time for us to use our knowledge our experience
it's gtime to prepare for our coronation as an adult
to teach student
to rule a country
to make new researches
to produce offsprings
it's time for us to practise all good and reliable things in Garena Dota Zuma Power Rangers Ultraman and Barney
even we no longer sing twinkle Twinkle Little Star
even now we have to
recite endless science principle
even now we play numbers instead of barbie and plydoh
life is something for us to control
have strength
close the gaps between us
together we step into
the next phase
the phase where we are the ruler
the stage where we perform our lifelong education
good luck my generation

best x?

tunsyed10 said...

mantap ah...
ko wt sendiri ka???
terer gla...
mmg anak murid tok non..
ko bleh jd tok non versi english..

-azwanbakhtiar- said...

aku xbaca pon hg pny poem..

tp aku RASA.
ok KOT.

Anonymous said...

Utk pengetahuan hg,Tok Non tidaklah menyukai aku,malah besar kemungkinan kenal aku pun tidak. Jd,gimanakah aku boleh mjd tok non versi inggeris?

tunsyed10 said...

x semestinya tok non kna knal hg..
yg penting skill sma..

aRa_HaNi said...

nie dah jadi poem lina...
bagus2 korng nie...