Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Court Case

Crime: Did not go to Puan Ju's Mechanics class.
Date of crime: 28/10/08
Time of crime: 8.15am-9.40am.
Crime scene: Chalet P-19
Defendant's arguments:
1) Misguided information.
How it happen:
Date: 27/10/08
Time: 11.30pm
Venue: P-28 (Aidid's chalet)
I went to P-28 to meet Khalil coz we have to discuss the competition for the HAW which is just around the corner. As I was entering the chalet, I saw Aidid reading manga online. I went into Khalil's room and we started our discussion. At around 12.00am, we finished discussing and I went to join Aidid in front of the computer. 
Me: Ko dk bca cita pa 2?? Best ka??
Aidid: Keikashi. Bleh tahan la. Weh, esk 1st period blok 4 kn?? Aku free. (muka penuh kegembiraan)
Me: Hah?? Btul ka?? Yes, aku pn free gk. X jeles pn. Alang2 free, jom ah tgk movie. Ada cita best x??
Aidid: Jom tgk cita '28 Weeks Later'. Cita psl zombie.
Me: Aiyo, cita seram ah ni. X kisah la. 

And so we watched the movie until 2.00am. The movie was quite good. After that, I went straight to my chalet and went to sleep. 
Date: 28/10/08
Time: 6.45am
Venue: P-19C

I woke feeling very sleepy. I looked at my watch.
Me: Aiyo, Subuh dh nk abs.
I quickly did my prayer and then like everyone else, continued my sleep. I woke up again at 8.00am. I could hear Zul preparing to go to class. 
Me: Relax. 1st period free. Sambung tdo la. Ngntuk gla ni. Zzzz
I hugged my pillow and continued to sleep. I woke up again at 9.00am feeling very dizzy. Suddenly, I felt like I need to look at my timetable. I looked at my timetable and was shocked. The 1st period was not block 4 but insted block 1.
Me: Hah!! (Trus sedar 100%) Aiyoooo, sry Puan Ju. X sngaja ponteng klas. Tipah trtipu. (perasaan geram trhadap Aidid trus membara) Ko mmg nk kna Aidid.

So that how it happens. Now it's time to give the verdict. Am I guilty or innocent??? You decide. 


makcik said...

yg trus g caya kt aidid tu kenape..~~
same je dua2 x check dulu jadual..
so jury says:both are guilty


Eddy Jostle said...

Guilty as charged. Aidid is innocent coz he never intended to misguide you or whatsoever. The guilty is you coz you didnt ensure the timetable yourself.

rika kUn said...

ee..eleh dolly..tak payahlaa nak defend diri sendiri...
heheh.kalu aku ponteng ko kutok2 aku eh...mulut laser nak mampus..

eleleleelel....ponteng tetap ponteng..tetap bersalah lew...haha...tak payah bagi reason rekod ko tetap telah menjadi buruk..wohohoh...dollly....pemonteng kelas baru :)

tunsyed10 said...

to farah:
x support petsib lgsg...

to aidid:
rileks la aidid...
aku ngaku aku salah...

to rika kun:
mulut aku mana laser...
ala aku gurau ja kutuk ko...
2 antara modal aku la nk kutuk ko...
ko kutuk aku, aku kutuk ko...
newtons 3rd law of motion..
nk aku elaborate lg pnjg ka???

Z said...

I as the supreme judge of this court in the name of justice I hereby sentence Aidid to jail for one day under the charge of intentionally giving a misleading information while knowing the subject, Abdullah who is a lazy-bone, simple minded, ignorant, inattentive and lackadaisical in class will simply use that as an excuse for skipping class.
--this end the case--

hahaha: no offense..!

tunsyed10 said...

kurang asam pnya z...
ko mmg nk kna...
ada ja idea nk kna kan aku..

Anonymous said...

U r guilty
-shudn't put 100% trust in other ppl
-don't know ur own timetable

tunsyed10 said...

to lina:
but it's hard to memorise my timetable because it's a two week timetable...
thx 4 ur advice

Anti-Aididd Association said...

As a complete stranger to your blog (but an interested reader), I'd like to offer my judgements as you have so kindly asked for. In any case at all, I would (with no doubt or uncertainties whatsoever) blame Mr Eddy Jostle as any misfortunes or any of the kind would always and undoubtedly MUST be blamed upon this... "criminal" for executing such a heinous crime.

Case closed:)